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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Life: 44 Ways of Supporting Jihad

My Life: 44 Ways of Supporting Jihad: " I wanted to post this article again, as it explains that Jihad can be performed in many ways. It is necessary that we understand the impo..."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Expelled- No Intelligence Allowed. Democratic Right Movement.

Botched Honour Killing, gang get life

The Rise Of Nationalism In Sweden Part 1

The Rise Of Nationalism In Sweden Part 2

Europeans Demand An End To Mass Immigration!

Immigrant Sham Marriages Exposed. Democratic Right Movement Ireland.

Germany: Integration thru Saturation. Democratic Right Movement Ireland.

Chancellor Merkel; "Multiculturalism Has Utterly Failed" Democratic Righ...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

BREAKING: Prosecutors of Dutch MP Geert Wilders Ask Court To Acquit on All Charges

In a two-day long precise analysis of the remarks of Wilders, who had to stand trial for discrimination against Muslims and incitement to hatred, the prosecuting officers explained to the court that Wilders may have been insulting and provocative, but his words were within the limitations of Dutch law.
This doesn’t mean that the trial has stopped — next week the defense will continue. The Dutch law system demands a full cycle of prosecution and defense, and will end with an extensive verdict.
Though — in theory — the court could still convict Wilders, it now seems almost impossible.
  • Group defamation (article 137c of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting hatred against people, i.e. Muslims, on account of their religion (article 137 of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting discrimination against people, i.e. Muslims, on account of their religion (article 137d of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting hatred against people, i.e. non-western ethnic minorities and/or Moroccans, on account of their race (article 137d of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting discrimination against people, i.e. non-western ethnic minorities and/or Moroccans, on account of their race (article 137d of the Dutch Criminal Code).
The prosecution also strongly condemned the decision of a higher court to prosecute Wilders for his anti-Islamic statements.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Irish Times - Friday, October 15, 2010

State cars and Garda drivers cost almost €11m over past two years

CONOR LALLY Crime Correspondent
THE PROVISION of Garda drivers and State cars to Cabinet Ministers, former taoisigh, the President, Chief Whip, Ceann Comhairle and others has cost almost €11 million in the past two years, it has emerged.
This represents expenditure of €105,000 per week, or €15,000 per day. Fine Gael has vowed to end the practice of supplying the cars and Garda drivers, saying if it were in government a car pooling system would be introduced.
The party’s transport spokesman, Simon Coveney TD, said a Fine Gael government would also introduce a system where cars would be driven by civilians, with Garda drivers used only for the taoiseach and minister for justice. Those entitled to drivers and cars would also be encouraged to drive themselves in their own cars and claim mileage for their journeys.
Fine Gael said it would cut by half the cost of providing cars and drivers.
Mr Coveney used written Dáil questions to Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern to obtain details of the cost of providing the cars and Garda drivers to 27 office holders and former office holders.
He said it was “incredible” that €10.9 million had been spent on the cars and drivers in the past two years at a time when the Republic was “on its knees”. Full Story Here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Changing: London's racially diverse school population is highlighted by new figures today
Changing: London's racially diverse school population is highlighted by new figures today

UK whites a minority in London classrooms.

Dominic Hayes, Evening Standard
In Tower Hamlets, 15 per cent of primary school pupils are classed as white British, while 63 per cent of their classmates come from Bangladeshi families.
Tories said the figures, released by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, showed the changes were putting pressure on schools, which had to make sure those who did not speak English learned as soon as possible.
Conservative immigration spokesman Damian Green said: "If they can't, and they are being taught in overcrowded classrooms, this makes it much harder for teachers to do their job."
While Asians now make up the majority of young children in several areas of London, others remain overwhelmingly white.
In Newham, just under 12 per cent of primary pupils are white British, while the figure in Brent's secondaries is seven per cent, compared with 36 per cent who are classed as Asian, and 24 per cent black. Outside London, areas with the highest concentrations of ethnic minority pupils included Bradford, where 53 per cent of the primary school children are classed as white British.

Why You Shouldn't Trust Facebook: Facebook Employee Speaks Out about Abuse of Privacy and Member Data

The following shows what we've been saying all along and why we never felt the need to volunteer certain personal and private information to Facebook, which could potentially put our privacy, safety, and security at risk.  Thanks to Jonathan Meola and Gawker for bringing the interview with an anonymousFacebook employee at TheRumpus to our attention.

Gawker explains the problem pretty well:

The abuse of private data by Facebook employees was pretty much inevitable; the simple act of amassing data tends to lead to corruption. What's sad is how lightly the social network reportedly controls its employees.
Now, to the interview.  Ironically, the Facebook
employee "was anxious to preserve her anonymity."  

TheRumpus explains:
Facebook employees, after all, know better than most the value of privacy. As she is not permitted to divulge company secrets, and would like to remain employed, her name has been omitted from this interview..."
So Facebook employees have the right to remain anonymous when they express controversial views which could get them fired, but G-d forbid activists with controversial views should try to protect their identity on Facebook, lest they get deactivated!  

The main points you should know (gathered from Gawker as per TheRumpus and tweaked by us) are the following:

  • Facebook records and archives information on whose profile you view, and monitor your relationships as they "judge how good of a friend" your friends are to you

  • At one point, Facebook staff widely used a "master password" that unlocked access to anyone's account. Use of this password has been "deprecated," i.e. discouraged, implying the password might still exist and work. What was the password? "With upper and lower case, symbols, numbers, all of the above, it spelled out ‘Chuck Norris,' more or less. It was pretty fantastic."
  • The Facebook employee is aware of at least two coworkers being fired for abusing their access to profiles; the employee herself also inappropriately access profiles.
  • Facebook employees can "just query the database" to find your Facebook messages, as their internal controls are lax on Facebook's backend since "your messages are stored in a database, whether deleted or not. So we can just query the database, and easily look at it without every logging into your account.
  • That's what most people don't understand. 
  • It seems safe to assume that if this particular employee obtained unauthorized account data, and knows of two other people who did, the practice has been reasonably widespread at Facebook.
  • There's a ‘switch login’ button that any Facebook employee can click allowing them to login as you
  • Facebook runs "psychological analysis" where they "do eye-tracking to see where your eyes move while you browse Facebook"
  • Facebook tracks everything you do on Facebook:  "Every photo you view, every person you’re tagged with, every wall-post you make, and so forth"
As Gawker sums up:
Sensitive data hoards inevitably attract attempts at unauthorized access. Whether it's hospital employees peaking at celebrity medical records or federal workers abusing their wiretap access 100 times in two tears (dubiously claiming it  was an "accident"), people confronted with a pile of information feel compelled to start digging.

The best protection for a user:
Throw as little as possible onto the pile.

Source: jdin

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outrage over secret halal.

The Sun News Got a story? We pay £££ Call: 0207 782 4100 - Email:

Outrage over secret halal

Halal butchers carry out ritual killing
Bloody ... halal butchers carry out ritual killing


By Julia Wrathall
RSPCA farm welfare chief

Calves' 2 mins of agony

IN this country, European law requires that if you're killing an animal by blood loss, you must stun it first.
That way the animal is unconscious, feels no pain and does not suffer.
The exception is if the animal is killed for the food of Jews and Muslims.
Many Muslim butchers still stun an animal before they cut its throat, but about one in five don't. It can take up to 40 seconds before adult cattle become unconscious, and 120 seconds for calves if they are not stunned first. If you're in a supermarket, ask the manager or write to head office if it isn't clear how the animal has been killed.
If your child's school has started serving halal meat then ask if it has been killed humanely.
Consumers have a right to know what they are eating and should be able to make an informed choice.

HUNDREDS of restaurants secretly serving Muslim halal meat to unsuspecting diners sparked a storm of protest yesterday.

Customers are not warned their meals come from animals that were slaughtered by having their throats slit without being stunned.
The butchery method ordered by Islamic law has been condemned as "barbarically cruel" by animal welfare organisations.
But that has not stopped caterers secretly dishing up halal meat to thousands in hotels, restaurants, schools, top hospitals such as Guy's - and at sports venues Ascot, Wembley and Twickenham.

Masood Khawaja
Tell all ... halal boss Mr Khawaja
Masood Khawaja, president of the Halal Food Authority, said: "This is completely wrong. As Muslims have a choice of eating halal meat, non-Muslims should also have the choice of not eating it. Customers should know it is halal meat."
Mr Khawaja, whose organisation approves most halal suppliers in Britain, said: "Everyone has the right to choose and should be given the right information."
Muslims are forbidden to consume blood. If an animal is stunned before slaughter, not all its blood will drain away.

Guy's hospital
Mystery meat ... halal is on menu at Guy's
The RSPCA said: "The public have a right to know how their meat is produced."
The Farm Animal Welfare Council, which advises the Government, has called for a ban on halal meat in Britain.
PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - has videos of ritual halal slaughtering which show animals convulsed in pain as they take up to three minutes to die.

Wembley stadium
What's the score? ... Wembley serves halal
Whitbread - owner of Brewers Fayre, Beefeater, Table Table, Costa Coffee and Premier Inn chains - uses 80 per cent halal chicken.
A spokesman said: "It is not mentioned on menus because we don't think there is customer demand for that information."
An Ascot racecourse spokesman said: "All our chicken is halal. This is not advertised as menus are kept as simple as possible."

Tasty bet ... but Ascot doesn't say it's halal
An FA spokesman confirmed halal meat is served at Wembley.
A Twickenham spokesman said: "Our consideration is more for those who want halal, to ensure they get it."

More than 200 schools serve halal meat without telling parents.
The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, and London hospitals Guy's and St Thomas' also serve halal meat without advertising the fact.

Read more:

Muham-mad Mohbob, manages a halal takeaway and restaurant on Dublin’s Upper Dorset Street,1631, Link for full article.

And while the absence of some well-known burgers, halal-style, may disappoint some of Ireland’s Muslims, you can bet that small trader halal restaurateurs won’t be too disappointed.
The aforementioned Muham-mad Mohbob, who manages a halal takeaway and restaurant on Dublin’s Upper Dorset Street, told Metro Éireann it is “good news”, naturally meaning more business for him.
He also emphasised that eating halal-only meat is a non-negotiable aspect of the Islamic faith, which most Muslims take seriously.
“They care yeah, definitely, ” he said. “If I don’t have halal no-one [Muslim] will come here in my shop. It’s very, very important.”

Cappoquin and FAS Supporting Halal Slaughtering.

Cappoquin and FAS supporting Halal Slaughtering.

Halal Slaughter Person

Salary: 9.00ph
Location: Cappoquin
Job ref: JB569657
Job Type: Permanent / Full Time
Date posted: 29 Sep, 2010

Halal Slaughter Person required for poultry processing company. Applicants must be fully experienced in this area of work. A minimum of 2 years experience of chicken slaughter...

Apply for this job:
To apply please visit, click on the link "Text Search" and locate this job by copying and pasting the Job reference of this offer (JB569657) in the Job description field on the FAS website.

Graphic. This Disgusting Cruelty To Animals Is Being Practiced By Muslims In Ireland.

Islamic law requires that animals intended for human consumption be slain in a certain manner. The conditions for Halal slaughter can be summarised as follows: 

  1. The animal to be slaughtered must be from the categories that are permitted for Muslims to eat. 
  2. The animal must be alive at the time of slaughter. 
  3. No electric shock, bullet or any other means should be used before slaughtering. Using any such method may lead to the death of the animal before it is cut. Islam prohibits Muslims from eating any meat coming from an animal that is dead before slaughter. Muslims are also advised to avoid eating anything doubtful. 
  4. The animal must be slaughtered by the use of a sharp knife. The knife must not kill due to its weight. If it kills due to the impact the meat may not be permissible. 
  5. The windpipe (throat), food-tract (oesophagus) and the two jugular veins must be cut. 
  6. The slaughtering must be done in one stroke without lifting the knife. The knife should not be placed and lifted when slaughtering the animal. 
  7. Slaughtering must be done by a sane adult Muslim. Animals slaughtered by apostates, idol worshippers, atheists etc. are not permissible. Animals slaughtered (not stunned prior to slaughter) by the People of the Book (Jews and Christians.) 
  8. The name of Allah must be invoked (mentioned) at the time of slaughtering by saying: Bismillah; wa Allahu Akbar. (In the Name of Allah; Allah is the Greatest.) 
  9. If at the time of slaughtering the name of anyone else other than Allah is invoked (i.e. animal sacrificed for him/her), then the meat becomes Haram "unlawful." 
  10. If a Muslim forgets to invoke the name of Allah at the time of slaughtering, the meat will remain Halal. However, if he intentionally does not invoke the name of Allah, the meat becomes Haram. 
  11. The head of the animal must not be cut off during slaughtering but later after the animal is completely dead, even the knife should not go deep into the spinal cord. 
  12. Skinning or cutting any part of the animal is not allowed before the animal is completely dead.
  13. Slaughtering must be made in the neck from the front (chest) to the back. 
  14. The slaughtering must be done manually not by a machine, as one of the conditions is the intention, which is not found in a machine. 
  15. The slaughtering should not be done on a production line where pigs are slaughtered. Any instrument used for slaughtering pigs should not be used in the Halal slaughtering.

British halal

Mass Immigration - A Marxist Technique To destroy Europe

Are Saudis Funding Muslim Terror Cells In Ireland???

                           Mosque And Muslim Education Centre In Miltown Dublin.

It's time to start asking questions about the millions of Euros that are being invested in the growth of Islam in Ireland by the Saudis (Muslim Brotherhood)??. We want to know who's is funding the al Qaeda terrorist cells operating in Ireland as well as who their backers are? Is it the Muslim Brotherhood promoter of HATE, VIOLENCE, TERRORISM, SHARIA LAW, Worldwide)??? If you have any information regarding the above, email to the Democratic Right Movement at:

Christians in Nottingham UK are protesting against recent attacks

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kelly The "Muppet" Returns To Ireland. And He's Back Blowing Hot Air Out His Ass.

Irishman Khalid Kelly – who dreams of seeing the ‘black flag of Islam’ over the Dáil – has returned from Pakistan to set up a group called Islam for Ireland, writes MARY FITZGERALD Foreign Affairs Correspondent
IT IS seven years since Khalid Kelly, Liberties altar boy turned Muslim convert turned radical blowhard, prompted heckling and jeers from a Late Late Show audience. Back then Kelly, dressed in black and grey robes and accompanied by a fellow member of British-based organisation al-Muhajiroun, defended the 9/11 attacks and claimed one day the world would be ruled by sharia law.
Kelly became something of a poster boy for al-Muhajiroun and its founder, the controversial Syrian-born cleric Omar Bakri, and his association with the movement continued throughout the several reincarnations that followed its disbanding in 2004.
Bakri and his followers developed a schtick that blended jihadist rhetoric with virulent anti-Semitism and homophobia. They revelled in the notoriety and acres of press coverage generated by their inflammatory pronouncements. full Story here. .

The Western Civilization Will Go Extinct

Demography is Destiny - Islam rising in the West

Extinction of the European Population

Western Europe will have a non-White majority population by the year 2090

Non-White Immigration into the White Heartlands
The dominating theme of European history in the last quarter of the 20th Century has been the large scale immigration of non-White peoples and races into the modern era White heartlands of Europe, Australia/New Zealand and North America.
This process has taken place via two avenues: legal immigration and illegal immigration: it is difficult to formulate estimates on which has been the greater. Whatever the channel used, the reality of masses of non-Whites settling in these territories can quite rightly said to be changing the face of these continents.
According to Eurostat (the Statistical Office of the European Communities, B-19049 Bruxelles, rue de la Loi 200, Luxembourg), in their publication, Migration Statistics, 1996, there is not one of the 15 countries in Western Europe (their area of measurement) which, at the beginning of 1994, did not have less than 3 -10 per cent of what they euphemistically call "non-nationals resident".
France, Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries, Denmark, Scandinavia and England are all listed as having "non-nationals resident" of more than 10 per cent, with Germany in two regions registered figures of "more than 15 per cent."
An average of between 10 and 15 per cent of "non nationals resident" in Western Europe as of the mid 1990's is therefore an accurate estimate, given that official figures are always behind actual statistics, as the number of illegal immigrants always closely shadows the number of legal immigrants.

UK whites will be minority by 2100

Whites will be an ethnic minority in Britain by the end of the century. Analysis of official figures indicate that, at current fertility rates and levels of immigration, there will be more non-whites than whites by 2100. It would be the first time in history that a major indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority, rather than through war, famine or disease. Whites will be a minority in London by 2010.
In the early 1950s there were only a few tens of thousands of non-whites in the UK. By 1991 that had risen to 3 million - 6 per cent of the population. The population of ethnic minorities has been growing at between 2 and 4 per cent a year. Net immigration has been running at record levels, with 185,000 newcomers last year.

Blak Africans Make Up 42% Of AIDs Carriers In Ireland.

Shadow Of AIDS Cast Over Ireland

A massive 300% increase in the number of AIDS cases diagnosed in Northern Ireland each year over the past decade has been revealed - and levels in the Irish Republic are rising too.

Northern Ireland's Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride said population mobillity was responsible for the huge rise.

He said there has been a 20% increase in cases of all sexually transmitted diseases over the last five years as well.

Meanwhile, new figures from Dublin also reveal a 21% increase in incidents of the potentially deadly condition in the first six months of 2007, according to the Irish Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC).

Unprotected sex between men and women accounted for the highest number of cases, followed by drug use and sexual contact among homosexuals.

The Indoctrination Of Irish Children



Facts You didn't Know About The Qu'ran

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Are You Sick And Tired Of The Liberal/Left Wing Irish Political Elite? Well Now There Is A Real Political Alternative In Ireland. It Is The Democratic Right Movement. The Only White, Right Wing, Christian Nationalist Voice In The Country.

Interested In Joining This New Dynamic White Nationalist Movement? If So Contact Mr Michael Quinn at:

Democratic Right Calls For The Immediate Deportation Of ALL Roma From Ireland And To Close Our Borders To Them Permanently.

We Call For The Immediate Deportation Of ALL Asylum Seekers And To Close Our Borders To Them Permanently.

We Call For The Immediate Deportation Of All Muslim Immigrants Including Their Irish Spouses. And To Close Our Borders To Them Permanently.

To expose and oppose Zionist influence on government, the economy and the EU through their control of the IMF, World Bank, European Bank, US Federal Reserve.

To ensure that parents of criminal offenders under the age of 18 take responsibility for their child's anti social behaviour and if they are unwilling to do so be charged with criminal negligence of a minor resulting in heavy fines and/or unpaid community service.

We support the American model of an automatic life sentence for third time criminal offenders.


Anti: Antifa, UAF, SWP.

Anti EU.

Anti Immigration

Anti Islam.

Anti Zionist

Anti Neo-Con

Anti Communist

Anti Mixed Race Breeding

Anti Liberal.

Anti Abortion.

Anti Legalized Homosexuality

Anti Same Sex "Marriage"

Anti Same Sex "Couples" Adopting Children

Jobbik - 2010

Europe in 2029

Jobbik 2010 kampányfilm - Movement for a Better Hungary campaign


The Liberties: Flower Ladies Talking About Immigration In Ireland.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Antifa a kamarádi

'Bullied' Schoolgirl Dies In Dad's Arms

Wednesday October 06, 2010 Sky News

A 12-year-old girl collapsed and died in her father's arms after apparently suffering months of bullying.

Holly Stuckey, of Bridgend, South Wales, who suffered from asthma, died after coming home from Maesteg Comprehensive School complaining of chest pains.

While her death is not being treated as suspicious, police are looking at the circumstances surrounding it.

After she died, Holly's parents, Clive and Lee, found hidden letters written by their daughter, giving details of months of misery.

Her father, a care worker, passed copies of the letters to police with the names of 13 children he claims were involved in her torment.

Keith Edwards, chairman of school governors, said police have "categorically" ruled out bullying as a factor in Holly's death.

"Obviously, these people are really, really hurting. It is such a tragic thing to happen to a 12-year-old girl. We have the greatest of sympathy for them," he said.

"As a school, bullying was never something flagged up to us. It is impossible to react to something that you do not know about."

He described Holly as a "lovely, lovely child" whose death had upset everyone at the school.

"But the police have said that there is no link to bullying in any shape or form. They have looked at the letters. I looked at one of them myself yesterday morning."

He said the letter he had seen seemed like "quite a morose song" and songwriting was something for which Holly was know to have a talent.

He added: "Of course, bullying does happen in all schools. Children can be very cruel, unfortunately.

"But it can often take place outside the school, going and coming, and that is not something we can ever see.

"But this is such an unbelievable tragedy."

Cork Taxi Drivers know how to deal with the foreigners!

We can't be anti immigration because we've no colonial past

Systematic Ethnic Genocide

White People Are Becoming Extinct

Le Pen’s daughter looks likely to lead from front

"In many European countries, there is a growing tide of anxiety driven by uncontrolled immigration, globalisation and the rules of the EU. People feel pushed around, threatened with losing their identity, their traditions and their jobs."

Marine Le Pen says she is not racist but a multicultural country can never live in peace.
Marine Le Pen was late back from lunch. This is a common condition among French politicians but unusual for Le Pen. She is known for being on time and being polite, charming and, unlike her father, difficult to dislike. She arrived “only” 20 minutes late.
The National Front, she says,is not a racist party, xenophobic party, not even a far-right party but a “patriotic party” of neither left nor right.Click on link to read full article

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sharia Atrocities

ISLAM: The Disturbing Truth......On Video

The Penality For Leaving Islam Is Death By Beheading. TruthTube.Tv

Iraqi Boy Aged 5 Doused In Petrol And Set On Fire. TruthTube.Tv

Police Rescue Child Slaves. Democratic Right Movement Ireland.

Roma Crime In Ireland. Democratic Right Movement.

LIFE Magazine Report On Michael Quinn, The Democratic Right Movement Ire...

Deciphering Liberalism - A Political Glossary. Democratic Right Movement...

UK Pundit Suffering Children Should Be Smothered. Democratic Right Movement

TruthTube. tv   Three Muslim Terrorists Taken Out Dagestan..flv

Islamic Violence Worldwide {TruthTube.Tv}

Brian Whelan, the bottom-feeding, third-rate tabloid hack.

Brian Whelan, the bottom-feeding, third-rate tabloid hack.

Whelan attending his daily reading and writing lessons at the local Adult learning Centre.

Brian Whelan Attending The Phoenix Park Rent Boys Convention 2006. And if you look closely, you just might see Emmet "The Fag" Stag, labour TD, hiding in the undergrowth just behind Whelan. haha.

Pakistani Flooding. Democratic Right Movement.

2/2 Burqa Ban. Democratic Right Movement Ireland.

1/2 Burqa Ban. Michael Quinn, Democratic Right Movement Ireland

Michael Quinn On The Murder Of Two Dublin Drug Pushers.