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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It is the genocide the world does not want to know about

By Mike Smith
9th of July 2011

It is the genocide the world does not want to know about. The silent genocide of whites in South Africa is denied in and outside of South Africa.

This past week saw more farm murders. The body count of white farmers and their families killed by racist blacks is just piling up. Almost 3800 already. Following the murder of Afrikaans farmer Koos Grobler (64), near Tzaneen, who was bludgeoned to death with spanners and pipes, an Afrikaans farming couple, Charlotte Bekker, 60, and Martiens Bekker, 68, were found with multiple stab wounds on their farm in the Heidelberg area.

I hold the ANC directly responsible for this with their youth leader Julias Malema singing, “Kill the Boer; Kill the farmer” at public gatherings.

Why, oh why are we not avenging these deaths? Why are we letting these bastards get away with this?

The killing is only going to stop if we hit back and make a few examples out of them.

The South Africa Project.

The South Africa Project - P.O. Box 165 - Calhoun, Louisiana 71225            

Revolution & Betrayal in South Africa.

White teen girls kidnapped and set on fire in South Africa.!__page-1-copy2

Photo from UK Mail online. Kirsty was kidnapped, tied up, doused in gasoline, and set on fire. Her 16 year old friend put out the fire with her own body.
A white teen in South Africa is in a medically induced coma after being burned on 75% of her body.
Typical of the left-wing British media, they are censoring the fact that the attackers are black. In South Africa, horrific racially motivated attacks on white people are a daily occurrence.
Four black suspects have been arrested, a rarity in South Africa, and charged with two counts of attempted murder. The South African media is calling it a “Satanic Ritual.”
From UK Mail Online…
A teenage girl is fighting for her life after being bound and set on fire, in what South African police believe could have been a bizarre satanic ritual.
Kirsty Theologo, 18, and her 16-year-old friend named only as Bronwyn, were attacked in the early hours of Saturday at a remote beauty spot in the Linmeyer suburb of Johannesburg.
Miss Theologo was today in an induced coma at a Johannesburg hospital after suffering 75 per cent burns to her upper body, while Bronwyn was under medical supervision at a private clinic.
South Africa’s Star newspaper reported that their attackers set on Miss Theologo, bound her and poured petrol over her body before setting her on fire… after deciding to turn her into a satanic ‘sacrifice’.
Bronwyn threw herself on the burning girl and tried to extinguish the flames by rolling her on the ground – sustaining burns to her own body in the process.

The newspaper claimed the men cut the hands of a third girl and held them so that she would bleed onto a bible during the attack.
After all of the attackers and witnesses fled from the scene, Miss thologo and Bronwyn had to walk down from Linmeyer Hill before they could be treated for their injuries.
Speaking about the attack, Miss Theologo’s sister Samantha told the newspaper: ‘In the state she was in, my sister made sure they walked to safety. She walked all the way to Rosettenville, about 2km away.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

McGuinness 'is suspect in double police killing'

McGuinness 'is suspect in double police killing'

EXCLUSIVE: Retired officer speaks out on IRA ambush

By Colin Breen
Wednesday October 26 2011
SINN Fein Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness is the main suspect in the brutal murder of two policemen, the Herald can reveal.
Sergeant Peter Gilgunn (26) and Constable David Montgomery (20), were gunned down in an IRA ambush as they travelled in an RUC patrol car in Derry.
They were the first police officers to lose their lives in a terrorist incident in the city for 50 years.
The ambush 40 years ago came just three days before Bloody Sunday sent shockwaves right across the Province.
But now a former RUC officer, who was in the car when the officers were killed, has revealed Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness is under the spotlight for his alleged involvement.
The retired officer, who did not want to be named, said he was told by a member of the Historic Enquiries Team investigating the case that McGuinness is the main suspect.
"A representative of the HET called to interview me in relation to the attack where two of my colleagues died and he told me Martin McGuinness was thought to have been one of the IRA men who ambushed us," he said.
The former constable was with his young colleagues in an unmarked patrol car as they travelled to Rosemount Station to end their shift.
The 59-year-old described how the driver of the patrol car tried to 'zig zag' out of danger as gunmen opened fire on them as they travelled along Creggan Road and Helen Street.
Sergeant Gilgunn and Constable Montgomery were shot dead but the driver managed to managed to get the car on down the road to Rosemount and stopped at the station.
The officer said that after removing a badly wounded colleague from the car, he went back for Constable Montgomery.
"When I got to the car and saw him I knew he was gone.
"He had actually been shot in the back. The rounds had gone through the boot of the car and then the seat before he was hit.
"I had swapped places with Davy in the back of the car about 20 minutes before the attack... it just wasn't my time to go," he said philosophically.
When asked by the Herald what happened in the aftermath of the murders he replied simply "not much".
"I was in the station and one of the bosses spoke to me for a couple of minutes and after an hour or so I was told to go on home. It was never mentioned to me again. I took a few weeks off and was transferred to another county. That was it.
"I sometimes have a bemused think to myself nowadays when I read of people complaining that various investigations could have been more thorough. No one even took a statement from me, but I was just a cub and assumed others knew what they were doing.
"The HET people contacted me and I agreed to meet with them. I wanted to see what I could find out from them as much as anything else. After we discussed the actual shooting they wanted to know if any suspects' names were being bandied about at the time. I told them I never heard, I wasn't there after it," said the retired policeman.
"They asked who I thought was involved and I said you tell me. When pushed on this, one of them said, 'The Deputy First Minister, McGuinness himself'."
Sgt Gilgunn was married and had an eight-month-old baby. Constable Montgomery was planning his engagement party just hours before the attack.
McGuinnness's involvement has been speculated about before in relation to these murders.
As a result of testimony given to the Saville Inquiry, set up to investigate events on Bloody Sunday, it was stated that McGuinness was second in command of the IRA at the time and was seen with a sub machine gun that day.
A sub-machine gun was used in the murders of Sgt Gilgunn and Constable Montgomery.
This latest revelation comes after Mr McGuinness was challenged by the son of an Irish Army Private who was killed by the IRA during the Don Tidey kidnapping episode in 1983.
A spokesperson for the Historic Enquiries Team said: "The HET deals with bereaved families on a strictly confidential basis. It does not discuss the content or progress of reviews with anyone except the family concerned."
Recently presidential candidate McGuinness claimed that while he fired a gun during the Troubles, he did not kill anyone.
He said: "I didn't say I never fired a gun -- I was in the IRA. There were battles on the streets of Derry. I've never run away from that."
When asked if he had killed anyone, he answered no.
During his campaign earlier this month, McGuinness was confronted by David Kelly, the son of Private Paddy Kelly who was killed alongside Recruit Garda Gary Sheehan by the IRA in Leitrim, November 1983. McGuinness was canvassing in Athlone at the time when confronted by Mr Kelly who urged him to name his father's killers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Missing Dublin child FOUND. Thank God.

Jason Thornton (10) had been missing from his home in Sandyford, Dublin since yesterday morning.Jason Thornton (10) had been missing from his home in Sandyford, Dublin since yesterday morning.

A 10-year-old boy who had been missing from his home in Dublin since yesterday has this evening been located.
Jason Thornton from Sandyford went missing yesterday morning but was subsequently seen in the Rosemount Estate in Dundrum earlier today.
Following an appeal from An Garda Siocahna this evening Jason was found safe and well.

Gardaí appeal over missing child

Gardaí appeal over missing child

Jason Thornton (10) has been missing from his home in Sandyford, Dublin since yesterday morning.Jason Thornton (10) has been missing from his home in Sandyford, Dublin since yesterday morning.
Gardaí are seeking the public's assistance in tracing a 10-year-old boy who has been missing from his home in Dublin since yesterday.
Jason Thornton from Sandyford went missing yesterday morning but was subsequently seen in the Rosemount Estate in Dundrum earlier today.
He is described as being 4ft 5in, with a slight build, short light brown hair, brown eyes and with an earring in his left ear.
When last seen Jason was wearing a dark Adidas tracksuit bottom, white Reebok runners, a green and white stripped Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt and a cream/ beige jacket.
Anyone who has seen Jason or who can assist in locating him is asked to contact Dundrum Garda Station at 01- 666 5600.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Enda and Gay Indulge In Sick Sex Fetish!

Enda Kenny goes where no Taoiseach has gone before ? an Ann Summers shop ? in Limerick yesterday
By Barry Duggan
Friday October 21 2011
WITH just days of canvassing left, the Fine Gael presidential campaign has finally got down and dirty.
However, the Taoiseach and Gay Mitchell were not trading low blows against political opponents yesterday.
Instead they brought their canvass into the unchartered territory of a Limerick sex shop.
Never before have a Taoiseach and his nominee for the Aras entered such a den of iniquity -- at least on official business.
 "Edna" And "Gay Boy" On The Town.

And they managed it long before the noon Angelus bells had rang out across Limerick yesterday.
Just minutes after greeting elderly parishioners emerging from morning Mass at the city's Augustinian church, the Fine Gael entourage found themselves outside the Ann Summers store on Cruise's Street.
Trusted Fine Gael handler Vincent Gribbin did his best to divert the Taoiseach and the man who could be our next president from the shop entrance.
But desperate for votes -- and obviously having forgotten the chaos visited on Father Ted during an infamous visit to a lingerie department -- neither man was having any of it. Gay Mitchell fearlessly led the way, followed eagerly by his wife, Norma.
Hot on their heels was the Taoiseach himself, bearing a grin as he boldly went where no Taoiseach has gone before.
 "Edna" Hello BOYS!

A roar of approval went up from their supporters, including Kieran O'Donnell TD and former MEP, John Cushnahan, as the pair crossed the threshold.
'What will you come as?' asked one prominent sign inside the shop, with various risque costumes on display underneath.
 "Gay Boy" Gettin Wiggy With It. "Let Me Be Your NO.1"

Surrounded by lingerie and an assortment of various products, Mr Mitchell and Mr Kenny found there were no shoppers to canvass, but made do with asking shocked shop worker, Debbie Cropper, for her support.
 "Edna" I'm LOVIN IT.

Stunned by who was standing before her on a slow Thursday morning, Debbie shook hands with both men.

Norris You LYING B*****D.


 Norris's disability pay three times more than he admitted

Special investigation

By Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent
Saturday October 22 2011
SENATOR David Norris received disability payments worth up to three times more than he has previously admitted, the Irish Independent has learned.
Mr Norris was paid the equivalent of up to three-quarters of a lecturer's salary every year for the 16 years he claimed the payments from Trinity College while also serving full-time in the Seanad.
This is triple the amount that Mr Norris initially said he was paid and means that he received disability payments possibly totalling as much as €720,000 over the entire period. He received the payments between 1994 and July of last year, when he reached pension age.
The amount is based on wage increments provided by Trinity College, which show that Mr Norris would have received between €26,400 and €32,300 in disability in 1994, rising to between €54,366 and €61,752 for the final full year. The payments were index-linked to benchmarking.
He continued to accrue pension entitlements during the time he received the disability payments and he now gets around €2,500 in pension payments from Trinity. A similar pension would cost €700,000 in the private sector.
During the years when he was getting the disability payment, Mr Norris was also getting a senator's wage, which was €61,073 last year, as well as expenses and other payments.
Although Mr Norris often claimed the least expenses of all senators, clocking in at just €1,354 in 2009, he also received the leader's allowance, an unvouched payment of €23,383 a year given to Independent senators since 2001.
The Trinity senator has refused to reveal exactly how much the disability payments were worth to him.
His campaign last night said it had requested all the details from Trinity but have been told "it's all in archives and storage and they don't have the manpower to get it for us".
"It was a private income protection scheme and it was part of his terms of employment so there was no state benefit involved or anything connected with it at all," a spokesman said last night. "It was a purely private thing that Trinity offered." Mr Norris's own financial adviser, Bob Joyce, said: "75pc of salary disability payment was the norm for disability cover for many major employers".
The revelation will come as a further embarrassment to Mr Norris, who refused to divulge the information despite protestations that his life was "an open book". However, despite this, he refused on a number of occasions to answer questions on the payment.
Mr Norris was a lecturer with 26 years' experience when he took disability payments and left Trinity in 1994. He said he was unable to continue his work as a lecturer because he contracted waterborne Hepatitis during a trip to eastern Europe.
Mr Norris was again asked about the disability payment controversy last night, but tried to put it behind him and asked to move on to other issues.
Meanwhile, Mr Norris was embroiled in further controversy yesterday when a recording of the now-infamous interview he gave to restaurant critic Helen Lucy-Burke was broadcast on RTE's 'Liveline'.
In the interview, Mr Norris makes controversial comments about the age of sexual consent. Mr Norris last night said there was "absolutely nothing new" in the tape.
- Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent
Irish Independent

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Third World Immigrant Leech, Gets Ethnic Irish Man Two Months In Prison For Telling The TRUTH.

Time This Unwelcome Africn Immgrant Packed His Bags And Headed Back To Whatever Third World Shit-Hole He Crawled Out From.

Patrick Maphoso

By Andrew Phelan
Friday October 07 2011
A HOUSEHOLDER who racially abused an election candidate when he was canvassed has been jailed for two months.
Michael Walsh (61) was sentenced for telling independent candidate Patrick Maphoso to get off his street and that "black people made him sick".
He had denied this, insisting he only told Mr Maphoso (43) to "f**k off", but this was because he disliked all politicians and he had said the same thing to Bertie Ahern minutes earlier.
Dublin District Court heard he made his remarks at the same time that a neighbour, Michael Lawlor, allegedly threatened to put a bullet in Mr Maphoso's head in the incident in Dublin's north inner city.
Mr Lawlor (28) has since died and the case against him was struck out.
Walsh was convicted of using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour outside his home at North Circular Road on April 28, 2009. He had pleaded not guilty to the charge.
Mr Maphoso, an unsuccessful candidate in the 2009 local elections, said he was canvassing with two colleagues when he noticed two men watching him.
When he got to where they were, he gave Mr Lawlor his card. Walsh told Mr Maphoso: "Get off the road," and then: "black people make me sick".
Mr Lawlor allegedly told him: "If you don't get off the road, you will get a bullet in your head".
He left immediately and reported this to the gardai but there was no record of his initial complaint at the Bridewell Station. He made a statement on a later date.
Walsh said: "Bertie Ahern and Cyprian Brady came 15 minutes before that and they were told to f*** off."
"Fine Gael and Sinn Fein were told the same thing. I have no time for politicians, black, white, yellow or anything. I was in no way racial to that man, he was treated in the same way as any other politician on the street, but this man wouldn't have that. He went out of his way to have a confrontation".
Walsh insisted he was inside his property when he spoke to Mr Maphoso.
The State Solicitor pointed out that he said in his statement: "I have no time for politicians and no time for coloured people".
It was put to the accused that Mr Maphoso was a "coloured person".
"I did notice that," the defendant said. "Leo Varadkar is a coloured man and he is in Dail Eireann."
Judge Coughlan said he was satisfied the incident happened in a public place and that the accused was guilty.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Norris Is One Sick In The Head Degenerate. DRM Ireland

 How senator called criticism of sex tourist poet a ‘witch hunt’

Senator David Norris publicly supported poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh after he was shown on the RTÉ film Fairytale Of Kathmandu to be using charity funds to support sex tourism in Nepal.
Rather than condemn his behaviour, he compared the pederast poet to Oscar Wilde and suggested he was the victim of a media ‘witch-hunt’.
Mr Norris wrote to the Irish Times: ‘I know Mr Ó Searcaigh slightly… I have always found him to be open, honourable and generous… He may also be quite literally an innocent abroad when it comes to the making of biopics.’
He said Ó Searcaigh, ‘who has clearly been the generous benefactor of quite a number of young men in Nepal, may also have had sexual relations with some of these youths, although it is not claimed that any of them were under the Nepali age of consent’. He did not question whether any were under the Irish age of consent.
 Mr Norris said coverage of the controversy on RTÉ’s Liveline ‘showed signs of a witch-hunt’. He didn’t advocate a criminal inquiry but merely said: ‘There may indeed be some questions to be clarified.’
He referred to the fact that ‘some, apparently, are determined to push this into the criminal arena’, but claimed the waters had been muddied thanks to an ‘extensive trial by media’ and ‘the selective introduction into the public consciousness of materials that appear to be damaging’.
Last week, however, he stood by his support. A spokesman said he was a ‘strong believer in natural justice’, adding: ‘He feels that the trial by media that took place around this issue would have frustrated any criminal proceedings.
Norris Getting Up Close And Personal With Potential Voter. Bet He's LOVIN It.

Read more:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Irish presidential candidate David Norris claimed disability payments for 16 years

By Fiach Kelly
Wednesday, 5 October 2011
Independent Senator David Norris
Independent Senator David Norris. Supporter Of Paedophile Information Exchange.
Independent presidential candidate David Norris received a disability payment for 16 years while out of work as a Trinity College lecturer -- even though he was a "full-time" senator for the entire period.
Mr Norris confirmed to the Irish Independent last night he received the payment, but could not specify exactly how much it was worth.
He also refused to say what his disability is.
He said the payment was around a quarter of his annual salary, but said he "wasn't getting anything like they get now".
The 67-year-old Joycean scholar worked as a tutor and lecturer in Trinity between 1968 and 1994, when he took the disability payment and stopped working in the college.
The payment began in 1994 and ended in July of last year, when he reached pension age. He has since received a pension from the college, worth around €2,500 a month.
Mr Norris, who took part in last night's TV3 debate with his six Aras rivals, also receives a senator's salary of €61,073.
He also said he spent his annual leader's allowance -- the €23,383 Independent senators receive in unvouched expenses every year -- on his Seanad work.
Mr Norris, who was first elected as a senator for Trinity in 1987 and has been returned at every election since, focused on his Seanad career after 1994. However, he would not say what the disability was, and insisted it did not stand in his way of being president, insisting he is in "perfect health".
"And if you look at my Seanad record you see that. I hope we're not going down the medical route of all this but I will do any medical test you want. I just think this is getting daft. It shows how open I am, my life is an open book."
But he asked not to go into the disability payment, saying there "was a whole story about that".

Monday, October 3, 2011

David Norris, Thomas O'Carroll, Paedophile Information Exchange.

Thomas O'Carroll


Thomas O'Carroll
Thomas Victor O'Carroll (born c. 1945) is an Irish journalist and pedophile advocate, being a founding member of both the now defunct  (PIE) and Ipec Born in County Carlow, Ireland, O'Carroll gained notoriety in 1980 when he published pdrc, a book that articulated an ethical case for adult-child sexual relationships.
In 1981 he was convicted for "conspiracy to corrupt public morals" over the contact ads section of the PIE magazine and was imprisoned, and once again in 2002 on charges of evading a prohibition on the importation of indecent photographs of children stemming from nude photographs that O'Carroll had taken of children on the beaches of Qatar.
Later, O'Carroll was arrested once more on suspicion of conspiring to distribute indecent photographs of children after supplying an undercover Met police officer who infiltrated the pedophile advocacy groups with a cache of child pornography obtained from his co defendant, Michael John De Clare Studdert's collection. He was arraigned 1 June, 2006 on child porn charges. In September 2006, he admitted to two counts of distributing indecent images of children.
On December 20 2006, he was jailed for 2½ years at London’s Middlesex Crown Court, but was released in the summer of 2007.


A Judge who says it all!

Norris Is Fit Only For The Sewer Not The Aras. DRM Ireland

Norris made Seanad plea on behalf of second butt-buddy.

Monday October 03 2011
PRESIDENTIAL candidate David Norris has become embroiled in a new controversy as reports emerge that he lobbied the Seanad in 2007 in an attempt to get Irish citizenship for his then Algerian boyfriend.
According to reports in The Sun newspaper, the independent senator -- who is already under pressure over letters he wrote seeking clemency for an Israeli boyfriend who had been convicted of statutory rape -- made a plea in the Seanad after his partner, Tevfik Akin, had his citizenship application refused.
In a speech to the Seanad in April 2007, Mr Norris named Mr Akin, who was present in the visitor's gallery at the time, describing him as "a friend of mine and my partner".
Questioning why the Department of Justice had turned down Mr Akin's application, the senator said "The gentleman in the visitors' gallery demands to know who put a black mark against him and what is that black mark.
"I want the officials in the department to know I will pursue this matter to the bitter end.
"Woe for them if they have behaved wrongly because if I cannot get an answer in the Oireachtas, I will make sure in the courts that I get an answer."
Mr Akin arrived in Ireland in 2001 as an asylum seeker. He was eventually granted refugee status and then applied for citizenship in 2004. However, his application was turned down in 2006.
In his speech to the Seanad, Mr Norris accused the department of refusing to grant the application because Mr Akin was Muslim.
"I have asked him at every stage of this process whether there is any matter, including of a criminal nature, of which he is ashamed of... and he has assured me again and again that this is not the case.
"His only crime I can determine is that he is from a Muslim background."
Mr Akin has since been granted citizenship and now works as an attendant in St James's Hospital in Dublin. He and Senator Norris are no longer in a relationship.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

DRM Has Been Proven RIGHT Yet Again.

Nine Romanians arrested in operation combating ‘large scale burglaries’

Image: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland
GARDAÍ HAVE ARRESTED nine Romanian nationals as part of what they describe as an operation to combat “large scale burglaries” in Dublin city centre.
The nine individuals – seven men and two women – were all arrested in raids at around 7:15am this morning by Gardaí from the Pearse Street station, and are currently being detained at various Garda stations across the capital.
Five of the males, aged between their mid-teens and mid-30s, are detained under Section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act, 2007.
Another two men, aged 27 and 22, are being detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984.
One female, 23, was arrested in respect of outstanding arrest warrants, and has appeared in the courts this morning. Another female, 35, was removed to prison under immigration laws.

Norris And His Involvement With The "Paedophile Information Exchange". Questions That Need To Answered. DRM Ireland

Watch DRM Radio Live For Updates On

Saturday, October 1, 2011

David Norris- Paedophilia, Incest, and His Greatest Desire as a Child to...

Patrick Kissane, Killarney. Found NOT Guilty. Freedom Of Speech Has Prevailed. DRM Ireland

A Victory Also For DRM. As We Were The ONLY Group In The Country Who Publically Supported Mr Kissane And His RIGHT To Freedom Of Speech. DRM Leading the Way. HAIL DRM.
30 Sep 2011
Killarney man found not guilty of incitement to hatred

A Kerryman has been found not guilty of inciting hatred against Travellers on a social networking site.
27-year-old Patrick Kissane of Knockasartnett, Killarney was accused of publishing material offensive to Travellers on a Facebook page between October and November 2009.
It was the first case in this country to deal with online material under the 1989 Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act.
Patrick Kissane told Killarney District Court that he had set up the site 'Knackerbabies for Shark Bait' after being threatened by a number of members of the Traveller community.
He said he had been working in a bar in the town when a number of men in a group of Travellers became aggressive after he refused to serve drink after closing hours.
Mr Kissane said he felt powerless and harassed and as a result set up the Facebook site in the early hours of that morning.
He apologised and said he intended to remove the site but forgot about it until he was asked by Facebook to delete it a number of months later.
Members of the Traveller community, Patricia O'Brien and Mary Boyne said the site's contents and the fact it had been created in Killarney, had made them frightened for their children.
When questioned by Judge O'Connor, Ms Boyne said she had not been subjected to threatening behaviour as a result of the site.
Judge O'Connor said what Mr Kissane had done was revolting but that he hadn't posted any more material after that night nor did he reply to messages posted to the site.
He said the defendant had succeeded in rebutting the charge of incitement to hatred.