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Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Canada Movie 1 - Intro

Oh Canada Movie 1 - Intro

Oh Canada! - Great Film On The Global Banking Con (FILM) *

Wise Up Journal
Review (the links to watch the film are below)
Produced in a very funny and entertaining way, it’s an easy to watch film. Although it’s main focus is Canada, nations around the world use the same system. It presents how nations allow private banks to create their money and put the public in debt to these banks instead of creating their money themselves without any debt. The producers had one-on-one interviews with Canadian Prime Ministers (including Paul Martin) and current government ministers, even the finance minister. It’s a fast paced film, that includes some animations, and never gets boring. Humorously you’ll see politicians lying and contradicting themselves or not having a clue how the money system works. Such an example being when the current finance minister said the Canadian Mint prints the money. When the producers rang the Canadian Mint they said they don’t, the producers told them to send a memo to the finance minister. Then Paul Martin (the former Prime Minister) explains what the producers already said; that the money gets printed by a German company (that also happened to support Zimbabwe’s dictator). You’ll find out that nation’s don’t have to be in debt at all. They can print their own money without any interest but instead the politician’s of past were so nice they let private banks create national money with an astronomical compound interest bill tacked on (good use of tax money?). And since then none of the parties that got into power ever wanted to change that situation in any country in the entire world.  If you are going to show a film on banking to members of the public who don’t know much about financial matters this must be the best documentary for that purpose as it keeps the attention span and you laughing.
Note: A critique of one of the solutions presented in this film can be read below.
Watch the film in full on Google Videos
Watch the film in parts on Youtube
If you want the full movie as an avi and know how to download a torrent click here.
Purchase a DVD from the producer’s website:
The solution that a country printing it’s own money without interest is true in that it would take a massive burden off the nation, the nation would not be in debt, taxes would be reduced, and not wasting money by needlessly giving it away to private banks. However, if nations did print their own money interest free I doubt conflict of interest corrupt politicians (that infect government and always have) would use that extra money for hospital beds. You’d still have the cons of tax money going out as subsidies to their buddies’ corporations and toll roads being sold off for peanuts to foreign companies etc. But this documentary is excellent for showing the audacity and contempt bankers and their law makers in government have with this system they setup in which the vast majority of humanity are struggling to make ends-meat in. As the film explains, the earth is in debt over $50 trillion and we don’t owe it to Pluto.
The following critique is maybe too harsh. “Oh Canada” explains how the government sold a toll highway with a construction and land value of $107 billion for just £3 billion to Spanish and Austrian companies (Cintra and Macquarie) and the government are not allowed to build a competing highway. The film called the politician (who was crucial for this deal to go through) dumb. It was far from dumb, it was a master stroke of corruption and conartistry, a marvellously profitable deal for the people involved (not for the conned victims obviously, the people of Canada). And they got away with it. The greatest heist movies should be about these countless white-collar deals not train robbers. Most of the public think government deals and agenda’s are dumb instead of a purposeful con with harmful intent, and that changes they way people react. The media are all too happy to push the dumb viewpoint as it gets all the media mogul’s buddies involved off publicly and legally. The reason this critique is probably too harsh is because “Oh Canada” does in fact expose the conartistry and networking between government and global business tycoons.

Time To Kick The Zionist Jewish BANKSTERS Into The Fiery Pit Of Hell.

America DESTROY The Federal Reserve. And Thus Destroy The Zionists That OWN YOU.

Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification

Common Purpose (CP) is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to learn how society works, who 'pulls the levers of power' and how CP ‘graduates’ can use this knowledge to lead 'Outside Authority’.

Children, teenagers and adults have their prejudices removed. Graduates are ‘empowered’ to become ‘Leaders’ and work in ‘partnership’ with other CP graduates. CP claims to have trained some 30,000 adult graduates in UK and changed the lives of some 80,000 people, including schoolchildren and young people.

But evidence shows that Common Purpose is rather more than a Charity ‘empowering' people and communities’. In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.
It is important for researchers on this site to realise that the majority of Common Purpose 'graduates' are victims, who have little if any understanding of the wider role of Common Purpose within UK society, nor of its connections to higher government and the European Union. Drawn into CP training by a flattering invitation, or selected by their company or organisation, this recruitment is normally carried out by a previously trained CP person - now recruiting for the cause. Candidates are screened and selected (or rejected) by CP Advisory Board members in their area.
Both candidates and 'trained graduates' will have no real understanding of Common Purpose's wider role to help achieve a political and social paradigm shift in the UK. The real objective, would appear to be to replace our traditional UK democracy with the new regime of the EU superstate.
By blurring the boundaries between people, professions, public and private sectors, responsibility and accountability, CP encourages graduates to believe that as new selected leaders, CP graduates can work together, outside of the established political and social structures, to achieve this paradigm shift or CHANGE. The so called "Leading Outside Authority". In doing so, the allegiance of the individual becomes 're-framed' on CP colleagues and their NETWORK.
Using behavioural and experiential learning techniques, the views of graduates can be remoulded to conform to the new Common Purpose. Most will not be aware this has happened, but we are given immediate clues in descriptions by graduates that Common Purpose training is 'life changing', 'disturbing, or 'unsettling'. Trained and operating under the Chatham House rules of secrecy (details of discussion, those present and location are not disclosed), CP graduates come to operate in 'their world' of Common Purpose. Please go to Document Library .......Category.........Mind Control Background on this site for historical information regarding manipulation of people's free will and behaviour.
The term 'GRADUATE' is used deliberately so as to prevent disclosure of involvement with Common Purpose. As 'MEMBERS' of CP, which is more appropriate, individuals in the public sector would have to declare their interests. So strong is the Common Purpose bond, that some individuals will lie to hide information and documents considered 'dangerous' to the CP cause. People challenging CP colleagues have been victimised and forced out of their positions.
Common Purpose is linked to a host of other suspect trusts, foundations, think-tanks, quangos and so called charities. DEMOS is a key example. These organisations funnel political and social CHANGE policy through CP, to re-frame graduates. Examples range from promotion of Diversity in every company and organisation, to Curfews for young people.
Common Purpose promotes the 'empowerment of individuals', except where individuals challenge the activities of CP, and public spending on CP. These people are branded vexatious, extremist, right wing or mentally unsound. Mrs Julia Middleton, the Chief Executive of Common Purpose, praises the work of German bankers. Deutsche Bank is, of course, a major power behind Common Purpose. Mrs Middleton, earning circa £80,000 p.a. from her charity, is also very happy to promote the term 'USEFUL IDIOTS' in her book 'Beyond Authority'. Are we the General Public the USEFUL IDIOTS, or are the Elitest Common Purpose Graduates? You must decide.
I recommend that you begin your research by clicking on the DOCUMENT LIBRARY button above and then selecting " Advice on Using the Archives". When you have read the brief introduction select the "CP Penetration UK" category. Here you can see diagrams of of the CP Network and a Map of Geographical Penetration of UK. The DOCUMENT LIBRARY, also contains documents, letters and emails as evidence of Common Purpose at work. The library will be regularly updated. Full Article @

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Pervert waiter on run after abusing girl lured to cafe

JAIL: 'Sicko' flees after getting three years

By Cormac Byrne
Friday January 21 2011
GARDAI are hunting this pervert who skipped his sentencing hearing after attacking a teenage girl in an upmarket Dublin cafe.
Mohammed Djouadi (42) failed to turn up to Dublin Circuit Court when he was sentenced to three years for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old at Harry's Cafe, Dawson Street.
He has now been on the run for a week .
The Algerian-born waiter, who lives in Terenure, tried to force the girl into performing oral sex on him while he was watching pornography on the internet.
Garda Insp Brian Duffy told a court last Friday that girl told him that Djouadi, who was looking at internet porn, began masturbating in front of her and then pulled her head towards him.
She pulled away and Mr Djouadi attempted to stop her from leaving the premises.
The assault took place in the office area of south inner city cafe in the early hours of July 17, 2009.
The court heard how the girl and two friends had gone to the cafe for champagne after meeting Mr Djouadi in the College Green area. Djouadi invited his victim to the office to discuss giving her a job before the assault took place. She managed to escape and raise the alarm.
Djouadi entered the country as an asylum seeker in 1998 and used a false Italian identification card and passport in the past.
Insp Duffy told the court hearing that Djouadi began working in Ireland in 2002 under a false name and he said gardai were now not aware of his whereabouts. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.
The victim's mother said she hopes gardai catch him soon before he strikes again.
"It's hard for us to imagine him still out there somewhere, and I just hope and pray that the guards catch him before it's too late," she said.
"I'm sure he'll try the same thing again. I don't want an innocent family experiencing the same trauma.
"He's a pathetic sicko who gets his kicks from targeting young girls. He's nothing but a filthy pervert, and we'll never forgive him.
"That animal put my daughter through hell, and I can't believe he didn't arrive to accept his punishment.
"I think he should have been given 10 years for what he put my daughter through," she said.
"She's gone from being a bubbly, out-going teenager to somebody who won't leave the house, she's a different person altogether."
At his sentencing hearing last week the court heard that Djouadi had no previous convictions and had consumed a lot of alcohol on the night of the attack.
Justice John Edwards was satisfied it was a despicable and opportunistic sexual assault.
He said the injuries the girl suffered were relatively minor but said she was psychologically marked with the deep effects this sexual assault had on her.
The judge said Djouadi must have been aware the girl was intoxicated and he provided her with more alcohol.
Mohammed Djouadi has also been placed on the Sex Offender's Register.

Rand Paul No More Foreign Aid To Israel. At last An American Politican With B***S.

Pro-Israel activists decry GOP senator's call to cut aid

Rand Paul says foreign aid should be cut to plug US deficit; lawmakers call on Obama to pledge veto on UN resolution condemning settlements.

  WASHINGTON – Republican and Democratic pro- Israel political players alike jumped on a new GOP senator and Tea Party favorite for calling for US aid to Israel to be cut.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN this week, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said the US should cut all foreign assistance to plug the deficit, including Israel aid.

Congress: PA funding could hinge on state declaration
Likely US presidential candidate Huckabee to arrive

“It is shocking that Senator Paul wants our nation to renege on our commitment to a vital ally, which is necessary to assure Israel’s continued qualitative military advantage in a dangerous region,” said Congresswoman Nita Lowey (New York), the ranking Democrat on the appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations, referring to America’s 10-year signed commitment to give Israel close to $3 billion each year in aid.

“A stable and secure Israel is in our national security interest and has been a staple of our foreign policy for more than 60 years. Using our budget deficit as a reason to abandon Israel is inexcusable,” she said.

The Republican Jewish Coalition defended Paul’s stance on trimming the budget but disagreed with his desire to cut Israel aid.

“We share Senator Paul’s commitment to restraining the growth of federal spending, but we reject his misguided proposal to end US assistance to our ally Israel,” RJC Executive Director Matthew Brooks said. “We are heartened to know that, with very few exceptions, congressional Republicans understand and appreciate the importance of this alliance to America's national security. And we are confident that few - if any - of Senator Paul’s Republican colleagues will cosponsor a plan that reneges on an agreement with a critical ally.”

Brooks also raised questions about Paul’s “grasp of the fundamentals of our alliance with Israel,” based on his comments to Blitzer. “Any concern that US assistance might undermine Israel’s security is groundless.”

When Blitzer asked about continuing aid to Israel, Paul replied, “When you send foreign aid, you actually [send] quite a bit to Israel’s enemies, Islamic nations around Israel get quite a bit of foreign aid, too.”

He was apparently referring to aid to countries such as Egypt, which receives money as part of the peace treaty it signed with Israel in 1979.

“I don't think funding both sides of the arm race, particularly when we have to borrow the money from China to send it to someone else, we just can’t do it anymore,” he said.

A bipartisan group of members of Congress on Thursday also called on President Barack Obama to pledge the US will veto a pending UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

“We are deeply concerned about the Palestinian leadership’s decision to reject the difficult but vital responsibility of making peace with Israel through direct negotiations, and instead to advocate for anti- Israel measures by the United Nations Security Council and other international forums,” the wrote the legislators, who included Majority Leader Eric Cantor (RVirginia), Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland), House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwomen Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida) and HFAC Ranking Member Howard Berman (D-California).

Even The UN Knows That 9/11 WAS An INSIDE Job.

US Wants UN Human Rights Expert Fired for 9/11 Comments

Jan 25, 2011 – 6:44 PM
Betwa Sharma Contributor
UNITED NATIONS -- The United States demanded today that the U.N. expert on Palestinian human rights be fired for suggesting that 9/11 was carried out by the U.S. government and then covered up by the American media.

"In my view, Mr. [Richard] Falk's latest commentary is so noxious that it should finally be plain to all that he should no longer continue in his position on behalf of the U.N.," said Susan Rice, U.S. envoy to the world body.

Falk, a law professor from Princeton University, wrote in his blog on Jan. 11 that "awkward gaps and contradictions in the official explanations" fuel suspicions that the United States staged the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

In a file picture dated July 24, 2005, US professor Richard Falk, gives a speech at the opening of the World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul.
Cem Turkel, AFP / Getty Images
Princeton professor Richard Falk, shown in 2005, is under fire for remarks he made about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
"What may be more distressing than the apparent cover up is the eerie silence of the mainstream media, unwilling to acknowledge the well-evidenced doubts about the official version of the events: an al Qaeda operation with no foreknowledge by government officials. Is this silence a manifestation of fear or cooption, or part of an equally disturbing filter of self-censorship?" Falk wrote.

Rice condemned Falk's "despicable and deeply offensive" remarks.

"The United States has in the past been critical of Mr. Falk's one-sided and politicized approach to his work for the U.N., including his failure to condemn deliberate human rights abuses by Hamas, but these blog comments are in another category altogether," she said.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also blasted Falk for the remarks. "Recently, a special rapporteur suggested there was an 'apparent cover-up' in the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States," he told the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva today.

"I want to tell you, clearly and directly. I condemn this sort of inflammatory rhetoric. It is preposterous -- an affront to the memory of the more than 3,000 people who died in that tragic terrorist attack," he said.

Kenny Getting All Cosy With His Soon To Be Zionist EU Masters.

Irish aspiring-PM warns EU of bailout renegotiation

Yesterday, 08:09 pm
 delivered his message to European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels ahead of snap elections with opinion polls showing Prime Minister Brian Cower facing a drubbing over his handling of the economic crisis.
"If we get the mandate from the people in the general election at home we see a need to renegotiate aspects of this package," Kenny told reporters after the meeting.
His opposition Fine Gael party wants a cut in the interest rate Ireland was charged to take the EU-IMF rescue loan in November, but Kenny said he had not come to Brussels to negotiate just yet.
"We did point out that even with a very strong programme for sorting out our difficulties at home, our people still face serious challenges dealing with components in this package," he said.
"If we get that mandate we made it clear we will be returning," Kenny added.
His party's finance spokesman Michael Noon dismissed any prospect of touching Ireland's low corporate tax rate. France has said Ireland should not keep a low tax rate for companies while getting aid from EU peers.
Cowen's government was forced to accept a package of financial aid which includes a contribution of 67 billion euros (90 billion dollars) from the EU and International Monetary Fund, which came with an interest rate of 5.8 percent.
But his finance minister Brian Lenihan was in Brussels last week trying to renegotiate the interest rate, noting that fellow eurozone country Greece, rescued last May, is paying an average of 5.2 percent on its loans.
The political fallout from the bailout, and the economic crisis that made it necessary, severely damaged the ruling Fianna Fail party which faces a rout in elections expected to be held on February 25.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Political Declaration
Alliance of European National Movements
• Conscious of our common responsibility for the European peoples and the diversity of cultures and languages they represent,
• Mindful of the inalienable values of Christianity, natural law, peace and freedom in Europe,
• Bearing in mind the numerous threats that powerful forces of globalisation pose to this priceless heritage.
Representing the national parties and movements in Europe, we demand:
1. The creation of a Europe of free, independent and equal nations in the framework of a confederation of sovereign nation states, refraining from taking decisions on matters properly taken by states themselves;
2. The rejection of any attempt to create a centralised European Super State.
3. The promotion of the freedom, dignity and equal rights of every citizen, and opposition to all forms of totalitarianism.
4. The primacy of direct votes by the people or their elected representatives over any administrative or bureaucratic body.
5. The effective protection of Europe against new threats, such as terrorism and religious, political, economic, or financial imperialism.
6. A peaceful and humane settlement of immigration problems through, among other measures, international cooperation aiming at development and self- sufficiency of third world countries. 
7. Strong policies in favour of families aiming at solving the demographic deficit in Europe and promoting traditional values throughout society.
8. The preservation of the diversity of Europe that results from the variety of our identities, traditions, languages and indigenous cultures.
9. A common fight of the European peoples against social dumping and the destructive effects of globalisation.

Jobbik: Europe reverberates the media law instead of the Hungarian people's problems

Font size: Decrease font Enlarge font
image Injured people in 2006: no condemnation by Brussels
There has been no real freedom of press in Hungary since 1990, not to mention during the communist era before that. What most of the international press mean by press freedom, however, is just a monopolist position of the extreme left, neoliberal media. It seems that all the condemnation and panic about the new Hungarian media law is actually about the fact that neo-liberals do not tolerate any real or presumed obstacles to their limitless media power.
Viktor OrbanIn one way, it would be a welcomed measure by the Fidesz-government with its two-thirds parliamentary majority to somehow regulate the overwhelming weight of extreme left, former communist and now liberal 'journalists' and press but this is quite an unlikely scenario. Instead, Fidesz are doing exactly the same what they meant to regulate and fight against: invading the media, public televisions and radios with their own executives, building the orange Fidesz empire.

However, I consider a more severe problem in that Vikor Orbán and his Fidesz party are abusing the Hungarian voters' will. They were voted in and given license by the electorate to urgently deal with the Hungarian nation's crucial problems, such as the national debt, the economy and many important problems in the aftermath of 8 years of Socialist-liberal destruction. Instead, again, Fidesz is building its one-party national media.

When Hungary took over the rotating presidency of the EU on 1 January 2011, there should have been other questions on the agenda. The world press should echo and condemn the Benes decrees, the anti-Hungarian Slovak language law or the ethnic cleansing of Hungarians in Transylvania carried out by all-time Romanian governments. Viktor Orbán and János Martonyi seem to let great opportunities slip away with the mistimed media law. Thus the international press covers the media-law to such a great extent, whilst autonomy and self-government of Transylvanian Hungarians (currently under Romanian rule) or that of the Délvidék (an ancient Hungarian territory currently under Serbia) remains unmentioned.
Where was the EU?
Nevertheless we must point out and ask the 'frightened' and 'terrified' western media and the European Union: why were they silent during the rubber bullet fusillade ordered by the Socialist government in 2006? Why did they keep quiet regarding the brutal ferocities and the torture of peaceful, commemorating people on 23 October 2006? Police forces and masked security thugs blinded and semi-blinded 14 people and wounded hundreds in the flow of the 2006 carnage.

Or on Slovakia: where is the world media and the EU when one of its member states has been trying to ban official and in fact everyday use of Hungarian language for its 600,000 strong Hungarian minority? Or in Transylvania, where Hungarian tombs and cemeteries have been and are being systematically destroyed before the eyes of accomplice Romanian authorities? Was there ever such a concerted media campaign against the misuse of power by the Slovak and Romanian authorities in the western press or was there any official condemnation issued by Brussels?
The Influence of the 'Frankfurt School' on Modern Liberal Thought

Many factors have contributed to the liberal, permissive and anti-Christian philosophical approach which underpins much of modern life in Europe and North America. Some of these influences – without any doubt – go back even beyond the Enlightenment to the Renaissance, and indeed even back beyond that. But - typically - these influences have continued to be refined over many centuries. For example, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that many of the philosophical/social/economic assumptions inherent throughout modern life became focused and refined in Germany within the last hundred years. It is as though a plot was connivingly conceived and carried through by men and women despite often living hundreds of years apart. The goal? To remove the Christian religion from having any influence over human affairs! This may initially sound like a highly preposterous claim but the more I research this subject the more convinced I become of the conspirational nature of these influences.
One such influence which has actually had quite a major impact (despite the fact that it is not widely known about) is the so-called Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt School had a huge influence in the 1920s through the 1930s, and even beyond that as its main theorists and philosophers fled Nazism and took their subversive teachings abroad – mainly to the United States. In 1949 Max Horkheimer returned to Frankfurt, where the Institute was reopened the following year.
So what were the Frankfurt School mainly about? Well, the institute’s first director, Carl Grünberg, set it up in the 1920s as a centre for research in philosophy and the social sciences from a Marxist perspective. After Max Horkheimer took over as director in 1930, this focus widened. Leading members, such as Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Herbert Marcuse, influenced by aspects of existentialism and even psychoanalysis, developed a version of Marxism known as “Critical Theory.” Critical Theory set out to challenge all previously accepted standards in every aspect of life from a Marxist perspective. It was not that these people were all die-hard communists (they mostly were not) but they saw much within Marxism which could be employed to form a new foundation for a post-Christian society.
Description: Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud in a suitably arrogant pose.
Here is what the excellent Wikipedia Encyclopedia says of the Frankfurt School,
The Frankfurt School is a school of neo-Marxist social theory (which is more akin to anarchism than communism), social research, and philosophy. The grouping emerged at the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung) of the University of Frankfurt am Main in Germany when Max Horkheimer became the Institute's director in 1930. The term "Frankfurt School" is an informal term used to designate the thinkers affiliated with the Institute for Social Research or influenced by them: it is not the title of any institution, and the main thinkers of the Frankfurt School did not use the term to describe themselves.
The Frankfurt School gathered together dissident Marxists, severe critics of capitalism who believed that some of Marx's alleged followers had come to parrot a narrow selection of Marx's ideas, usually in defense of orthodox Communist or Social-Democratic parties. Influenced especially by the failure of working-class revolutions in Western Europe after World War I and by the rise of Nazism in an economically, technologically, and culturally advanced nation (Germany), they took up the task of choosing what parts of Marx's thought might serve to clarify social conditions which Marx himself had never seen. They drew on other schools of thought to fill in Marx's perceived omissions. Max Weber exerted a major influence, as did Sigmund Freud (as in Herbert Marcuse's synthesis of Marxism and Freudian psychoanalysis in the 1954 work Eros and Civilization)...”
Attack on Christianity
These men believed that there was much good in Marxism and that it could certainly be used to develop an advanced social theory. But, even beyond that, they were commited to developing and formulating an entire theory of life, human history and social ethics which would eventually need no recourse to European Christian civilisation in any area of life.
They were avid admirers of Marxist principles of equality which they felt could eventually even replace the 'Golden Rule' of the 'Sermon on the Mount' as delivered by Jesus (Matthew 5-7) as the highest and most noble expression of ethics.
"The Frankfurt movement always seemed to be open about the need to subvert whole societies in order for their theories to become truly influential."
The Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School, (which included the influence of such men as Theodor Adorno, Georg Lukacs, Herbert Marcuse and Walter Benjamin), had been partly influenced, of course, by the 19th century aggressively atheist philosopher Frederich Nietzsche and his 20th century existentialist follower Martin Heidegger. The Nazi concept of a European "master race" in the 20th century was certainly based partly on Nietzsche's Ubermensch ('superman') idea. It was his projection of what pure human will might, as it were, create in place of God. Nietzsche had written, 'Once you said "God" when you gazed upon distant seas: but now I have taught you today Ubermensch ... you could transform yourselves into forefathers and ancestors of the Ubermensch ... ' (Thus Spake Zarathustra).
It should be patently obvious that these men were staunchly extreme left-wing and distinctly anarchical in their political leanings and – for them – subversion was a thing to be admired. Actually, a close variant of the modern term, 'political correctness' first appeared among communist party intellectuals around 1935-1942; This has been insultingly revived in our time as an apt description of the social attitudes prevalent within modern postmodernist society.
In fact, postmodernist thought clearly has its origins in the German school of Nietzsche, Heidegger, and the Frankfurt School. Most postmodernists will not attempt to deny this. Nietzsche has, of course, become famous for his, 'God is dead' comment. This statement--”God is dead''-- has been very accurately described as the basis of all politically-correct liberal postmodernism. The atheistic philosopher wanted to encourage everybody to wipe the remnants of Christianity from all of European life, and we have to understand that Heidegger, Nietzsche and the Frankfurt School really wished for the total eradication of Christian teachings, firstly from all of academic life, and ultimately from all of family life. Of course, some of them probably would not have admitted this, but they were without doubt driven forward by an aim to totally change society, and metaphysics would have no place in this since their version of 'utopia' was of a wholly rationalistic and materialistic world.

Today keen supporters of postmodernism probably would not wish to be reminded that Nietzsche also greatly influenced Nazism. There might be a tendency to think that Socialism and Nazism must be poles apart – not so! Nazism, after all, was also referred to as 'National Socialism' and Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels was a keen admirer of the drive to eradicate Christian influence from society. As Michael Minnicino comments in The Evil Philosophy Behind Political Correctness,

“In 1936, Nazi Culture Minister Josef Goebbels, on orders from Adolf Hitler, formed a committee of academics to edit the complete works of Frederich Nietzsche. Martin Heidegger was placed on that committee; in preparation, Heidegger prepared a series of lectures on Nietzsche's work. Heidegger concluded that the most important thing that he shared with Nietzsche was the commitment to extinguish the last traces in Western civilization of what he called 'metaphysical humanism.' This commitment was also shared by the Frankfurt School.”

Of course the term 'metaphysics' is vague but to eradicate 'metaphysical humanism' would certainly be to eradicate all belief in God, since metaphysics is that which lies beyond the physical world.

Attack on the Traditional Family

Description: Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche who raged with a hatred of God and of Christianity.
An attack on the traditional family unit figured high on the Frankfurt School's priorities. As Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson CDR USN (Ret.) wrote in 'What is the Frankfurt School?'

“The Frankfurt School theorized that the 'authoritarian personality' is a product of the patriarchal family. This idea is in turn directly connected to Frederich Engels' 'The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State,' which promotes matriarchy. Furthermore, it was Karl Marx who wrote about the radical notion of a 'community of women' in the Communist manifesto. And it was Karl Marx who wrote disparagingly about the idea that the family was the basic unit of society in 'The German Ideology' of 1845.”

Reds Show Their True Colours As They SCREAM "Out, Out, Out, You Tory Jew Scum"

Student union leader pulls out of speaking at fees rally after protesters hurl anti Jewish abuse at him

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:53 PM on 29th January 2011

  • 14 arrests in Manchester as protesters call for resignation of NUS president
  • London demonstrators clash with police
  • Placards warn: Ben Ali, Mubarak...Cameron, you are next
The national president of the NUS pulled out of speaking at a student fees rally after being surrounded by demonstrators calling for his resignation and shouting anti-Semitic insults at him.
Aaron Porter had to be escorted to safety by police this morning as he made his way to his offices in Manchester.
Protesters shouted ‘Students, workers, hear our shout! We want Aaron Porter out!’ and ‘Aaron Porter we know you, you’re a f******* Tory too!’
One photographer reported chants of ‘Tory Jew scum’ directed at Mr Porter, who is facing calls to step down as NUS president by members of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, who claim he has ‘lost the confidence of the movement’.
NUS president Aaron Porter (wearing a blue scarf) was targeted by student protesters calling for his resignation and shouting anti-Semitic insults as he made his way to his Manchester office this morning
NUS president Aaron Porter (wearing a blue scarf) was targeted by student protesters calling for his resignation and shouting anti-Semitic insults as he made his way to his Manchester office this morning
A group of officers guide Mr Porter unscathed to his office
A group of officers guide Mr Porter unscathed to his office
The protest march attended by thousands began peacefully and was escorted by mounted police, but around 150 demonstrators broke off the agreed route and headed towards the city centre, where they targeted Mr Porter. 
He had been due to speak at the rally but his appearance was later cancelled.
It is understood NUS leaders made the decision, although police sources said he would have been asked if he thought it a good idea to appear in public.
Campaigners attempted to gain entry into the University of Manchester Students' Union building but were barred by a line of officers as minor scuffles broke out.
Shortly afterwards a protester called on a loudhailer to break up and return to the march meeting point.
He urged: 'Avoid being kettled, break up and spread your lines.'

Read more:

Slaney Meats Ends It HORRIFIC Jewish Kosher SLAUGHTER Of Animals.

Ireland - No more Kosher slaughter at Slaney Meats

01 Nov 2010
Kosher consumers suffered a double blow this week when a major abattoir in Ireland closed its kosher facility and a second in the north of England temporarily suspended operations.
Rory Fanning, managing director of Slaney Foods, in County Wexford, which supplies the London Board for Shechita (LBS), said: “We have made the decision not to have religious slaughter.”

He said the decision was prompted by media stories that halal meat was being used without the knowledge of the public by some McDonald’s restaurants. McDonald’s denied this as it was against its policy to use religiously slaughtered meat.

But the company checked its suppliers and was forced into a u-turn, admitting that one abattoir had used halal meat for some chicken products.

A spokesman said all suppliers were asked to “reiterate that their meat was not slaughtered in that way”. One of them was Slaney, which had worked with McDonald’s for eight years, predating its relationship with kosher meat.

Suddenly, at the end of last week Slaney announced its decision to end religious slaughter. Rumours, since denied, were rife in London, where most of Slaney’s meat was delivered, that McDonald’s had given it an ultimatum to stop the kosher part of its business or risk losing it as a customer.

Slaney’s managing director Rory Fanning said: “It’s not that we are doing it because someone was influencing us outside the company. We made the decision ourselves.

“There has been a lot of media coverage of ritual slaughter, and it was in the context of that, that the decision was made. I’m not saying it’s the right decision. I am very hesitant.”

Mr Fanning conceded that there had been no discussion with the LBS before Slaney announced its decision to stop allowing shechitah at its abattoir.

McDonald’s said: “While kosher meat is outside McDonald’s UK specification, we understand the importance of it to some customers as well as UK and Irish agriculture.

“If Slaney has stopped producing kosher meat as a result of our non-specification then there has been a misunderstanding. Our supply chain is in discussion with the Slaney abattoir to ensure they can continue to produce kosher meat separately to their production of traceable, non-kosher meat for McDonald’s UK.”

A spokesman for the LBS said: “We are very concerned and we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis.”

He said that Dayan Yisroel Lichtenstein, of the Federation of Synagogues’ Beth Din, had gone to Europe to find alternative supplies. “There will not be a shortage of meat in the UK, ” he added.

But Jacky Lipowicz, chair of the Kosher Licensed Butchers’ Association, said: “Shechitah is under threat once again. The constant harassment of shechitah has led to this situation. ”
The English abbatoir which shut down its shechitah operations was in Oldham.

J&B Fitton, which supplies eight kosher licensees, mainly in London, stopped processing animals over a technical fault. Director Mark Fitton said meat production had since resumed.

He said: “We’ve done all the lamb as normal and actually did a bit extra. Some people will be short of beef, but the shortfall will be made up by Friday.”

Staff at Menachem’s butcher’s shop in Golders Green said ordinary beef stocks had halved due to halted deliveries. One said: “We’ve got two batmitzvahs to do this week and I’ve got nothing to cook or prepare.”

Edgware butcher Elaine Mann said her beef reserve ran out after the High Holy Days, but added: “We are trying to buy

By Leon Simon and Jonathan Kalmus

Illustration Photo - Rabbi Osdoba inspects a knife used to slaughter cows at a meat plant

DRM Radio - Clip from the broadcast of the 28th of January 2011

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Oh how stupid we Goyim really are!

America see who your REAL Masters are!



Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001

“Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

Wake The Hell Up You STUPID Lobotomized Sheeple



David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
DRM Radio Broadcasted Live On The DRM Website Every Tues And Friday From 8:30pm To 10pm. Irish Local Time.

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Jared Taylor Interview

Alan Grayson: "Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000?" Bernan...

Center for Investigative Journalism defends Jared Taylor.

Obama Officials Use Fox News to Smear Conservative Group in Shootings
The only certain fact about the motivation of Arizona killer Jared Loughner is that, like the lunatic who opened fire on the Pentagon last March, he is a pothead. Several people who knew Loughner say that he was a serious abuser of the drug and “liked to smoke pot.” What’s more, Loughner had been arrested in 2007 for possessing drug paraphernalia.
The use of marijuana has been linked to mental illness, including psychosis, and increases the kind of paranoia exhibited by Loughner in his writings.
However, Jennifer Griffin of Fox News recklessly and irresponsibly claimed on Sunday morning that the killer was a political conservative. Using Obama officials as her sources, she reported that “intelligence gathered by the Department of Homeland Security and shared with state officials across the United States” had revealed “a strong suspicion” that the shooter was influenced by a conservative publication called American Renaissance (AR).
This publication is on the right side of the political spectrum and is politically incorrect because of its criticism of racial preference and “diversity” programs and immigration policies that weaken the strength of a country. It has scheduled a Feb. 4–Feb. 6, 2011, conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.
One would have expected that a “conservative” news channel dedicated to fairness and balance would not be so quick to publicize the charges or “suspicions” of some anonymous federal officials in the Obama Administration who seem anxious and eager to smear conservative groups.
But without bothering to get a response, Griffin claimed, “This is based on some of the videos he posted on YouTube. This group’s ideology is anti-government, anti-immigration, and anti-Semitic.”
But a review of Loughner’s YouTube videos finds nothing about American Renaissance.
To make matters worse, it turns out that Griffin not only did not contact AR for a response but badly mischaracterized the nature of the publication.
Jared Taylor of American Renaissance told AIM that he first heard about the charge from CNN, not Fox News. He said that when he found out about the story on the Fox News website, he emailed several Fox News correspondents denouncing the allegations. “I got no response,” he said.
Eventually, he was contacted by James Rosen of Fox News. But that was after Fox News analyst Juan Williams, recently fired by National Public Radio, cited the charges as if they were true on Fox News Sunday.

Fox News viciously tars Jared Taylor and American Renaissance.

UPDATE: Fox News lied about the memo. It did not really come from the DHS.

Complete documentation on the Fox New HOAX story demonizing Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor is smeared by the radical left on a regular basis. He has also been the victim of harassment, death threats, and even physical violence from the left-wing. He has always taken the high ground and urged civility. He is a man of great class and integrity. The Fox News and the HuffingtonPost and other left-wing outfits are demonizing Taylor with false claims to promote their own agendas. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Because Fox News blatantly lied about the source of the memo, some of the original content of this is now irrelevant and has been removed. Since there is no real evidence any of the slurs against Jared Taylor and American Renaissance originated from DHS, apologizes for blaming them.
Memo claims  the Arizona shooter has “no direct connection,” but “possibly linked to this group[American Renaissance]” and calls American Renaissance [Amren] “anti-Zog.” The accusation, which is apparently based on materials on the suspect’s computer, is beyond absurd. Amren receives thousands of visitors a day, and some percentage of that traffic are leftists who are simply snooping.
Several left-wing websites and left-wing columnists have intentionally misreported on the memo as if the so-called “possible link” was a fact.
What does “no direct connect,” but “possibly linked to the group” actually mean?
Massive factual errors in the memo show incompetency of the author. The same DHS memo tarring Jared Taylor and Amren also has the following statement: “Gabrielle Gifford is the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government.” What? Two of the women are the United States Supreme Court are Jewish females. There are two Jewish women who are United States Senators. The DHS author of this report is a goon who doesn’t know anything about politics or the US government.
Left-wing drug user. The shooter had at least one previous arrest that involved drugs. He was rejected by the US Army because of drug use.
Note: Amren is a publication, not a group. The “anti-Zog” slur appears to be an obscure term used by some neo-Nazi groups. Amren has never used this term in the publication’s history, nor has it ever been uttered by any speakers at their conferences. In fact, this webmaster has attended two Amren conferences and met several Jewish people who are regular attendees.
But Taylor, a 1973 graduate in philosophy from Yale University, told Fox News on Sunday that he had never heard of Loughner until Saturday and has checked the group’s records going back 20 years and has not found any subscriptions for Loughner to American Renaissance publications.
He added he has no indication that Loughner ever attended any of the group’s events, which have been held on the East Coast where the organization is based.
Taylor also denied references to the group as being “anti-ZOG.”
“That is complete nonsense,” he said. “I have absolutely no idea what DHS is talking about. We have never used the term ‘ZOG.’ We have never thought in those terms. If this is the level of research we are getting from DHS, then heaven help us,” he said.
Media did the same thing after the Columbine killings. Remember the horrific Columbine killings? The media immediately reported, and some outlets still report, that the killers were neo-Nazis. One of the killers was Jewish. Both of the killers wore makeup to school and flaunted their homosexuality by holding hands. One of the killers had a website in which he declared his hatred of “racist people.” The killers listen to radical left-wing music. The date of the shooting spree was chosen based on the day that a favorite left-wing rock band was officially breaking up. Yet, to this day, the “mainstream” media is hiding all these facts from the public.
Politically motivated violence in the United States is overwhelming committed by the left.

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Cowen You LYING Heap Of Horse Shite. You're Fooling NO ONE.

Cowen attacks 'conspiracy theory'

Embattled Taoiseach Brian Cowen has accused the Opposition of peddling an absurd conspiracy theory over his contacts with disgraced banker Sean FitzPatrick. 

In an impassioned defence, Mr Cowen claimed questions over a golf game, dinner and phone call he shared with the bankrupt ex-Anglo Irish Bank chief were a smear campaign.
The Taoiseach has stressed there was no secret agenda behind the Druid's Glen outing in July 2008, two months before he oversaw the plan to save Anglo and other banks from collapse.
"It's an absurd, patently absurd, conspiracy theory that is perpetuated and which is doing a greater disservice to politics in this country than any actions this government honourably took in the crisis," he claimed.
In his first public grilling since the previously undisclosed contacts were revealed, Mr Cowen said he utterly rejected allegations his Fianna Fail party had been in bed with bankers and developers.
The Taoiseach said the Labour Party's allegations of "economic treason" were wrong and that the bank guarantee in September 2008 was taken in the best interests of the country.
"No game of golf, and no telephone call and no dinner will change that situation," Mr Cowen said.
Mr Cowen joined Mr FitzPatrick for 18 holes on the exclusive Co Wicklow resort in July 2008 after being invited by long-term friend Fintan Drury.
He revealed in the Dail that after the match, the three men were joined for dinner by Alan Gray, a former managing partner of consultancy firm Indecon and appointed by Mr Cowen as a Central Bank director in 2007, and Gary McGann, Smurfit Kappa chief executive and a member of the Anglo board at the time.
Mr Cowen repeated that FitzPatrick's now defunct property bank was not discussed.

Honour-killing' inquiry into Irish stabbing

  Pakistani man fatally stabbed at apartment in Drogheda

• Case may be Republic's first 'honour' killing, say garda

  • Irish detectives are investigating the murder of a Pakistani man in what may have been the Republic's first so-called honour killing, according to garda sources. The 32-year-old Pakistani national died in a Dublin hospital today after being stabbed in an apartment in Drogheda, Co Louth, yesterday. A 30-year-old woman who was also stabbed is being treated in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda. Her injuries are not life-threatening. A 30-year-old man was arrested in Drogheda late last night. A garda source said detectives were working on the theory that the murder may have been an "honour" killing.

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Only Aired Once About PENTAGON !!!

BuildingWhat? on Rosie Radio - Part 1 of 3

Building 7 - Blueprint For Truth (10 min)

BuildingWhat? on Rosie Radio - Part 3 of 3

BuildingWhat? on Rosie Radio - Part 2 of 3

Demolition Expert: "This Is Controlled Demolition" (2 min)

Building 7 Collapse as seen from the northwest

Building 7 Collapse as seen from the west

Building 7 Collapse as seen from the north

Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera discuss Building 7

Help Put This Ad On Air - Go to

BuildingWhat? on Geraldo Nov 13 2010

DRM Radio Broadcast: 08/01/2011.

http://www.drmireland.comDRM Radio Live, broadcast a one hour show last night 8/01/2011. It has been uploaded to the Democratic Right Movement website where you can listen to it in it's entirety hope you enjoy it.


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Kosovo: Europe's Mafia State.

Kosovo: Europe's Mafia State
December 27, 2010
Global Research


In another grim milestone for the United States and NATO, the Council of Europe (COE) released an explosive report last week, "Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo."

Kosovo FlagAnalsyis

The report charged that former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) boss and current Prime Minister, Hashim Thaçi, "is the head of a 'mafia-like' Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe," The Guardian disclosed.

According to a draft resolution unanimously approved December 16 in Paris, the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights found compelling evidence of forced disappearances, organ trafficking, corruption and collusion between criminal gangs and "political circles" in Kosovo who just happen to be close regional allies of the United States.

The investigation was launched by Dick Marty, the Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe (PACE) special rapporteur for human rights who had conducted an exhaustive 2007 probe into CIA "black fights" in Europe.

The PACE investigation gathered steam after allegations were published by former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Carla Del Ponte in her 2008 memoir.

After it's publication, Ms. Del Ponte was bundled off to Argentina by the Swiss government as her nation's ambassador. Once there, the former darling of the United States who specialized in doling out victor's "justice" to the losers of the Balkan wars, was conveniently silenced.

A series of damning reports by the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIR), the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the BBC, confirmed Del Ponte's allegations and spurred the Council to act.

Reporting for the BBC, investigative journalist Michael Montgomery learned that political opponents of the KLA and Serb prisoners of war "simply vanished without a trace" into a secret prison "in the Albanian border town of Kukes."

According to sources who feared for their lives, including former KLA guerrillas, the BBC revealed that disappeared civilians "were Serbs and Roma seized by KLA soldiers and were being hidden away from Nato troops. The source believes the captives were sent across the border to Albania and killed."

In an uncanny echo of Nazi practices during the period of the Third Reich, The New York Times reported that "captives" were "'filtered' for their suitability as donors, based on sex, age, health conditions and ethnic origin. "We heard numerous references to captives' not merely having been handed over, but also having been 'bought' and 'sold,'" the special rapporteur told the Times.

"Some of the guards told investigators," the Times reports, "that a few captives understood what was about to happen and 'pleaded with their captors to be spared the fate of being chopped into pieces'."

Mercy was in short supply however, behind KLA lines.

The report states: "As and when the transplant surgeons were confirmed to be in position and ready to operate, the captives were brought out of the 'safe house' individually, summarily executed by a KLA gunman, and their corpses transported swiftly to the operating clinic."

Once organs were removed from the victims they were auctioned off to the highest bidder and sold by a global trafficking ring still operating today.

The former prosecutor further alleged, The Guardian reported, that "she had been prevented from investigating senior KLA officials" who she claimed had "smuggled captive Serbs across the border into Albania, where their organs were harvested."

In a classic case of covering-up the crimes of low-level thugs to protect more powerful criminals, Del Ponte has charged that forensic evidence gathered by ICTY investigators at one of the northern Albania death houses was destroyed at The Hague.

International Network

This brisk underground trade didn't end in 1999 however, when the break-away Serb province was occupied by NATO troops; on the contrary, operations expanded and grew even more profitable as Kosovo devolved into a protectorate of the United States.

In fact, a trial underway in Pristina has revealed that "desperate Russians, Moldovans, Kazakhs and Turks were lured into the capital 'with the false promise of payments' for their kidneys," The Guardian reported.

It was a "growth industry" that fed on human misery. According to The Guardian, recipients "paid up to €90,000 (£76,400) for the black-market kidneys [and] included patients from Canada, Germany, Poland and Israel," EU prosecutor Jonathan Ratel told the British paper.

"Donors" however, were left holding the bag, lucky to escape with their lives.

At the center of the scandal is the Medicus clinic. Located some six miles from downtown Pristina, Medicus was allegedly founded by university hospital urologist Dr Lutfi Dervishi, and a former permanent secretary of health, prosecutors claim, provided the clinic with a false license to operate.

Two of the accused, The Guardian revealed, "are fugitives wanted by Interpol: Moshe Harel, an Israeli said to have matched donors with recipients, and Yusuf Sonmez, perhaps the world's most renowned organ trafficker."

Prosecutors believe that Harel and Sonmez are the brains behind Medicus and that Shaip Muja, a former KLA "medical commander" who was based in Albania, may have overseen operations at the "clinic."

Muja remains a close confidante of Thaçi's and, in an macabre twist, he is currently "a political adviser in the office of the prime minister, with responsibility for health," The Guardian reports.

Investigators averred they had "uncovered numerous convergent indications of Muja's central role [in] international networks, comprising human traffickers, brokers of illicit surgical procedures, and other perpetrators of organised crime."

Besides lining the pockets of Albanian, Israeli and Turkish criminals who ran the grisly trafficking ring, whose interests might also be served in covering-up these horrific crimes?

A Gangster State, but which One?  Link to full article.

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Zion -Obama- The Rothschild Choice Pt. 1 of 10

Honohan = LIES and more LIES. And Maybe An A4 Brown Envelope Packed With CASH??

reland's banks should be sold off to foreign owners to quicker clean up the debt crisis, the country's top banker has said
Patrick Honohan, governor of the Central Bank, also claimed a new government will be able to change the terms of the 85 billion euro IMF/EU bailout.
The banking chief said getting overseas investors to take over the homegrown banks that survive the current economic mess was looking like the best option.
"Increasingly, it seems evident that placing the continuing parts of the system on a firm footing can best be done through the involvement of new foreign owners who can bring capital, risk control and other management skills," he said.
In a speech to the Institute of International and European Affairs (IEA) in Dublin, he said such a move would "short circuit" measures needed at the moment to reduce the banks' financial risk to the state.
These measures could be prolonging the clean-up process, he said.
Mr Honohan said the prospect of international investors being attracted to Irish banks was "not unreasonable". He added: "I look forward to welcoming new owners of Ireland's downsized and cleaned-up banks." 

Family renew appeal over missing Galway woman


Blathnaid Timothy
29/12/2010 - 09:01:04
The family of missing woman Blathnaid Timothy are renewing their appeal for information.

The 33-year-old Galway woman was last seen on December 14 getting into a taxi on Sir John Rogersons Quay in Dublin.

She had just taken €60 in cash out of an ATM there.

Her sister Aoife Murphy said Blathnaid's family are not sure what her movements were that day.

"Bla's behaviour on the day… was a little out of character for her," Ms Murphy said.

"She left her apartment without her phone, without her handbag, and it appears she didn't have an overnight bag with her.

"That would be unusual for Bla and out of character for her."