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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Enda and Gay Indulge In Sick Sex Fetish!

Enda Kenny goes where no Taoiseach has gone before ? an Ann Summers shop ? in Limerick yesterday
By Barry Duggan
Friday October 21 2011
WITH just days of canvassing left, the Fine Gael presidential campaign has finally got down and dirty.
However, the Taoiseach and Gay Mitchell were not trading low blows against political opponents yesterday.
Instead they brought their canvass into the unchartered territory of a Limerick sex shop.
Never before have a Taoiseach and his nominee for the Aras entered such a den of iniquity -- at least on official business.
 "Edna" And "Gay Boy" On The Town.

And they managed it long before the noon Angelus bells had rang out across Limerick yesterday.
Just minutes after greeting elderly parishioners emerging from morning Mass at the city's Augustinian church, the Fine Gael entourage found themselves outside the Ann Summers store on Cruise's Street.
Trusted Fine Gael handler Vincent Gribbin did his best to divert the Taoiseach and the man who could be our next president from the shop entrance.
But desperate for votes -- and obviously having forgotten the chaos visited on Father Ted during an infamous visit to a lingerie department -- neither man was having any of it. Gay Mitchell fearlessly led the way, followed eagerly by his wife, Norma.
Hot on their heels was the Taoiseach himself, bearing a grin as he boldly went where no Taoiseach has gone before.
 "Edna" Hello BOYS!

A roar of approval went up from their supporters, including Kieran O'Donnell TD and former MEP, John Cushnahan, as the pair crossed the threshold.
'What will you come as?' asked one prominent sign inside the shop, with various risque costumes on display underneath.
 "Gay Boy" Gettin Wiggy With It. "Let Me Be Your NO.1"

Surrounded by lingerie and an assortment of various products, Mr Mitchell and Mr Kenny found there were no shoppers to canvass, but made do with asking shocked shop worker, Debbie Cropper, for her support.
 "Edna" I'm LOVIN IT.

Stunned by who was standing before her on a slow Thursday morning, Debbie shook hands with both men.

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