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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gerald Celente on RT - 27 Apr 2011

Democratic Right Movement, Restoring National PRIDE!

Khazarian Jews And World Domination.

The Catholic Church Versus Our Children

Zionist Magazine!

Water No Longer The Source Of Life?

Black Immigrant SLUT charged with running brothel

The woman was arrested as part of the Garda National Immigration Bureau's Operation Mast, a two-year-investigation into human trafficking and organised prostitution.
She was one of 40 people, including a garda stationed in the west of Ireland, arrested.
Over 120 people were interviewed as part of the operation and 11 victims were identified and rescued.
The Garda is suspected of having provided falsified documentation which enabled a woman to remain illegally in the country.
He is believed to have become personally involved with her.
The court heard this morning that substantial amounts of money had passed through the 35-year-old woman's bank account, which she no longer had access to.
The court was also told that when charged, the woman replied: 'I don't understand what you are talking about,' but when charged again she replied: 'I understand'.
The woman, who is originally from Nigeria, was remanded in custody by the Dublin District Court to appear again next week.

Schengen: A Franco-Italian summit for nothing!

Press Release Marine LE PEN, MEP, Chairwoman of the National Front:
The excitement surrounding the Treaty of Schengen knowingly maintained by Sarkozyist power for several days, so just lead to what was foreseeable from the outset: nothing.
Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy have announced their intention to make a technical adjustment to Schengen, which will not be discussed before an EU summit in June ...
Brief, suspension of Schengen, much less a challenge of this fatal treaty, yet responsible for an explosion of immigration and trafficking of all kinds since its establishment.
The announcement of a technical adjustment to Schengen will not solve anything. Networks of smugglers of immigrants from Tunisia and Libya can rub their hands: the power once again showed that the words and rumors hid a guilty inaction.
Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front, said the Franco-Italian summit has been for nothing, a waste of time. While Nicolas Sarkozy palaver, legal and illegal immigrants continue to pour in France, and nothing will be done to stem the influx.
Only one out of Schengen, which would put France on the same plane as Ireland or the United Kingdom have rejected this treaty, will restore the necessary controls at the borders and halt immigration.

REAL IRA Scum Threaten The Peace Process

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thilo Sarrazin, How Germany is commiting suicide by Islam

Hail Jobbik And The Hungarian Nationalists

Encouraging Developments in Hungary
Peter Stuyvesant on April 19, 2011

Recently the right-wing Hungarian government has drafted a new constitution (English translation) which is christened “a constitution for the 21st century”. This constitution is so revolutionary that the European Commission is going to review it because of ‘worrying clauses’ such as the ban on abortion and same sex marriage. “Family friendly, hostile to gays,” as the liberal Euractiv-website dubbed it. Let’s have a closer look of this new constitution and judge it on its merits.

Christianity embedded

“O Lord, blessed be the Hungarian nation” is the subtitle of the preamble called the “The Fundamental Law of Hungary,” a reference to the first line of the Hungarian national anthem. In other words, there can be no mistake which religion is the bedrock of Hungarian society: Christianity.

The document states “We are proud that one thousand years ago our king, Saint Stephen, based the Hungarian State on solid foundations, and made our country a part of Christian Europe.” Christendom is called the “foundation of the nation” while the other religious traditions of Hungary are simply “respected.” The new constitution “honours” the Crown of Saint Stephen, which was sent to King Stephen by the Pope in 1000 AD and is regarded as the symbol of national unity.

Finland's anti-euro party causes election upset

Monday, April 18, 2011

Zionists Prove Yet Again That The US Is Israels BITCH!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Netanyahu thanks Obama for 'Dome' missile funding

An Israeli missile is launched from the
Iron Dome missile system
© AFP/File David Buimovitch

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked US President Barack Obama on Monday for helping fund a missile defense system protecting the Jewish state from Palestinian rockets, the White House said.

Netanyahu "expressed his deep appreciation for US funding for the 'Iron Dome' rocket and mortar defense system, which he noted has successfully intercepted several rockets aimed at Israeli communities," the White House said in a readout of the phone call.

Obama "congratulated the prime minister on this impressive Israeli technological achievement and expressed his pride that Israeli-American cooperation made it possible."

The American president called Netanyahu in part to wish him a happy Passover, the White House said.

The US Congress approved $205 million -- sought last May by Obama -- to help Israel deploy a short-range anti-missile defense system called "Iron Dome." The aid became official when Obama signed off on a 2011 budget appropriation.

The figure is in addition to Washington's annual military finance package to key Middle East ally Israel.

Since 2007 the United States has allocated close to $3 trillion per year to Israel, entirely devoted to the purchase of US weapons, under a bilateral memorandum valid until 2017. Full story:

Jew Banksters Caught Red Handed In Fraud Scam.

Goldman Sachs and Executive Charged With Fraud
Monday 18 April 2011
by: Greg Gordon, McClatchy Newspapers
Washington - The Securities and Exchange Commission Friday charged Goldman Sachs & Co. and one of its executives with fraud in a risky offshore deal backed by subprime mortgages that cost investors more than $1 billion.
The SEC also contends that Goldman allowed a client, Wall Street hedge fund Paulson & Co., to help select the securities to be sold. Paulson in turn bought insurance against the deal and when the securities tanked, losing almost all their value, Paulson made a $1 billion profit.
The civil fraud charges were the first to be filed against Goldman, the prestigious Wall Street investment-banking titan that's at the center of multiple inquiries into the causes of the global financial meltdown.
Paulson has acknowledged that it reaped a $3.7 billion profit by betting against the housing market as it nose-dived in 2006 and 2007.
The securities cited by the SEC were part of a series of offshore sales known as ABACUS.
The Goldman executive, vice president Fabrice Tourre, 31, was principally responsible for structuring the ABACUS deal known as 2007-AC1, a so-called synthetic package in which investors didn't buy any actual securities. Instead, they bet on the performance of a specified bundle of home loans to marginally qualified borrowers.
The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, charges Tourre with making “materially misleading statements and omissions” to investors.
Cornelius Hurley, a former counsel to the Federal Reserve Board who now heads the Boston University law school’s Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, called the complaint “stunning” and said it raises at least two questions:
  • Was this an isolated incident at Goldman, or did the firm engage in similar “egregious” practices in other deals?
  • Did other Wall Street firms engage in similar practices?
“It appears that the financial ‘protection’ provided by Goldman and described in the SEC complaint may have been more akin to the kind of protection provided by organized crime,” Hurley said.
McClatchy Newspapers, in a series published in November about Goldman’s role in the subprime lending disaster, found that Goldman sold more than $40 billion in mortgages in 2006 and 2007 while secretly betting on a housing downturn that would sink their value. It’s unclear whether any of those transactions have drawn SEC or Justice Department scrutiny, but a Senate investigations panel has been examining them. Full story

EXCELLENT General Election Result For Nationalist True Finns Political Party

Nationalist True Finns make gains in Finland vote

18 April 11 12:49 GMT
True Finns leader Timo Soini celebrates with supporters at the party's reception in Helsinki, Finland, 17 April 2011
A nationalist party has taken nearly a fifth of votes in Finland's general election, the electoral commission says.
The True Finns finished just behind the conservative NCP and the Social Democrats on around 19%.
While the Social Democrats have called for changes on EU bail-outs, including the planned Portuguese rescue, True Finns opposes the plans altogether.
A hostile Finnish government could theoretically veto the package.
Unlike other eurozone countries, Finland's parliament can vote on whether to approve the measures.
Correspondents say the increased sway of Euro-sceptics in Finland's parliament could hold up any further bail-out deals.
As the biggest party, the NCP is tipped to lead the next government with former Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen likely to become prime minister of whatever coalition emerges, replacing Mari Kiviniemi of the Centre Party.
'Invitation to talks'
The anti-immigration True Finns won 39 seats in the 200-member parliament, final results showed.
That put it five seats behind the conservative National Coalition Party (NCP) - part of the current centre-right government and a strong advocate for European integration - and just three behind the opposition Social Democrats.
The Centre Party - previously the largest party in parliament - won just 35 seats, down 16 from the last election in 2007.
The strong showing for the True Finns meant the anti-euro party would at least "get an invitation to talks" on a new government, Reuters quoted party leader Timo Soini as saying.
Celebrating the NCP's success, Jyrki Katainen played down suggestions that Finland would now cause difficulties for the eurozone.
"Finland has always been a responsible problem solver, not causing problems," he said.
"This is about a common European cause. After the elections, the biggest parties will begin to look for common ground."
EU 'squanderers'
Tampere University political analyst Ilkka Ruostetsaari told AFP news agency the election outcome was astonishing.
"The True Finns' victory, surpassing every poll and every expectation of a drop on election day... plus the total collapse of the Centre - the whole thing is historic," he said.
Opinion polls had predicted a strong result for the True Finns but were giving the party around 15%, not 19%. In the 2007 election, the party had won just 4%.
With its charismatic leader Mr Soini, the party rejects rescue funds for EU "squanderers", as well as opposing immigration.
Speaking on Finnish TV, the True Finns' leader said he wanted to change the terms of the bail-out for Portugal.
"The package that is there, I do not believe it will remain," he said.
At the same time, he sought to assure other EU states that his party posed no threat.
"We are not extremists, so you can sleep safely," he said.
Analysts attribute much of his party's success to disenchantment with the big three mainstream parties who have run Finland for decades.
"It's a multiple protest," journalist Timo Harakka of Finnish TV YLE told BBC World Service.
"It's a no confidence vote for how things have been run so far. Concerning Europe for instance, or the economy.
"It seems The True Finns' just had a magical moment right now," he said, adding that, "negotiations for the government will be really strenuous for the coming months."
Some Finns expressed concern about the surge in support for the True Finns.
"They have strict opinions about everything," one young woman voter, who gave her name as Eevi, told Reuters.
"Finnish people have always been very open, I wonder why we are now pulling off, closing up again."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who Created the Modern Day State of Israel? When Did All This Killing St...

World Bank President, Jew Robert Zoellick Says Food Prices In 'Danger Zone'

World Bank president Robert Zoellick has warned rising food prices have reached dangerous heights that pose the biggest threat to the world's poor.

"We are in a danger zone because prices have already gone up; stocks for many commodities are relatively low," Mr Zoellick said at the opening of the World Bank's annual spring meetings in Washington.

Mr Zoellick called high and volatile food prices "the biggest threat to the poor around the world".

According to the bank's food price index released yesterday, global food prices have soared 36 per cent from a year ago. It partly blames soaring oil prices and poor weather for the surge in the food price index to close to its 2008 peak.

A lead economist with the World Bank, Hassan Zaman has told Radio National Breakfast the rise means that since June, an extra 44 million people are living on less than $1.25 per day. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

As Predicted By The Democratic Right Movement Oil Prices Soar.

Oil prices surge to fresh two and a half year highs

Brent Crude Oil Futures $/barrel

Last Updated at 15 Apr 2011, 20:30 GMT *Chart shows local time Brent Crude Oil Future intraday chart
price change %
123.44 +
Oil prices have surged to a two-and-a-half-year high on concerns about supply and a weaker dollar.
Brent crude topped $126, while US crude was at $112.79.
Other commodity prices were also boosted by the fall in the US currency, as a weaker dollar makes commodities cheaper for investors holding other currencies.
Gold hit a new record of $1473.40 an ounce, while silver went to $40.22 an ounce, its highest since 1980.
With little prospect of an interest rate rise in the US any time soon, the dollar has fallen in recent weeks.
It stands at a 15-month low against a basket of currencies. In morning Friday trade, the pound and the euro rose further, to $1.6427 and $1.4422 respectively.
Interest rates in the eurozone rose on Thursday, from 1% to 1.25%, with the UK expected to increase borrowing costs within the next few months.
Higher rates are used to combat inflation, which is being driven by rising commodity prices.

DRM Radio broadcast for the 15th April has been uploaded onto our website Subject: Genocide of White SA farmers.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Black Animal Says "Kill Them All"

Genocide Of White South Africans.

Welcome To The Real South Africa.

Murderous Black Racism In South Africa.

Crimes And Murder Commited Against White Farmers South Africa.

Afrikanerhart - Bok van Blerk

One In Four Black South African "Men" Admit To Raping Young Women

Mandela’s Communist Dream For South Africa Is Being Realized.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Abortion is Killing

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Abortion is Killing

Science says so.
by Tony Cartalucci

This is a human being. It has a quantifiable human genetic code
and independent, self-perpetuating cellular metabolic activity that
continue from the moment of conception to 80 years of age watching
grandchildren play on their front lawn. Science says so. (Credit:
iStockphoto/Chris Downie)

Bangkok, Thailand April 10, 2011 - The budget debate that has been fought recently on Capital Hill is entirely the result of criminal corporate-financier oligarchs plundering the wealth of the United States as well as much of Europe for nearly a century. In an effort to avoid this reality and any attempt to rectify it, everything from the continual funding of our numerous illegal wars to the suspension of the social safety net was discussed instead. However, no topic gets people more distracted and infighting than abortion and the repackaged eugenicist agenda known as "Planned Parenthood."

With the "shutdown" averted, and at the risk of playing into this ploy, this article will attempt to explain why abortion is a non-issue and there is no debate.

Abortion is not a Moral Issue

Abortion is not a religious issue and it is not a moral issue. It is not a social issue, it is not a personal, or an ethical issue. It is entirely a matter of science - human biology in particular - and no amount of denial or cognitive dissonance, justification or moral arguments can help one escape from the implications of examining abortion from a scientific point of view.

Abortion is an intentionally divisive issue, used to cleave society in half rendering perpetual, circular debate. Considering the finality that biology lends to the debate, it becomes quite clear then, why biology is rarely brought up in any "pro-life/pro-choice" argument. It is yet another false paradigm where two inadequate arguments are intentionally perpetuated by the corporate-owned globalist media on both sides, ensuring a real solution or consensus is never reached. Abortion then becomes a useful tool to derail or distract in nearly any political debate, even one involving unprecedented global larceny and the collapse of the West.

Biology 101

At the moment of conception there is a quantifiable, unique human genetic code present along with independent, perpetuating cellular metabolic activity. Both can be examined and measured, both are indisputable conditions resulting from conception. This human genetic code, and the cellular activity that it directs continues in a linear, uninterrupted process from conception, to birth, through childhood, into adulthood and onto natural death from old age. The genetic code and cellular activity that exists at conception will continue to exist until that individual is 80 years old watching their grandchildren play on their front lawn.

There is no observable, quantifiable point, no "magic moment" between conception and birth where one "becomes human" or "begins life" beyond the most superficial, contrived measurements. Attempts such as noting the development of the nervous system are entirely arbitrary with proponents of such superficial measures unable to explain scientifically or quantify what this "mass of tissue" is before such measurements deem one human. Generally these arguments are peddled by those either entirely ignorant of human biology, or by those intentionally preying on those with an inadequate understanding of human biology.

Viability: Another popular metric used to determine one's "human-ness" is viability. Again, this is entirely arbitrary and superficial. A new born is no more viable than they were at the moment of conception - entirely dependent on others for the delivery of nutrients to their body and protection from the surrounding environment. Additionally, technology negates the vulnerability of not only babies who are born prematurely at increasingly earlier terms, but the ability for a conceived human to be transplanted from one uterus to another. Inevitably, technology will make it possible to raise a human from conception to infancy entirely in vitro.

"It's Your Body": No doctor or scientist could agree with this sophomoric statement. Every single part of "your body" contains your DNA. This is why DNA testing is used to determine the identity of victims of fatal circumstances who have been reduced beyond superficial recognition. At the moment of conception however, an entirely unique human genetic code is present. It is in no shape, form, or way a part of the mother's body, it is simply residing within it. In fact, evolution necessarily developed mechanisms to protect the developing child from the maternal immune system. Without such a mechanism, the maternal immune system would identify the child as a foreign body and attack it - because it is a foreign body.

Terminating a pregnancy is not removing unwanted features of "your body," but removing the developing body of another human being. Abortion is literally killing a genetically unique, living human being.

Humanity Reduced to Ignorant Superficiality: Often cited as the number one reason why abortion and fetal stem cell research is not killing human life is, "it's just a clump of cells." Such an ignorant statement is made not because those who say it understand the seven conditions that describe life or have examined genetically this "clump" but merely because it superficially doesn't resemble what they intuitively consider life.

This is analogous to arguments based on similar "intuitive observations" that the earth was flat or that universe was geocentric. Just as the earth appears flat when standing on it, despite being spherical in reality, so too does a human zygote appear but a "clump of cells" when in reality it is a living human being. To those at the mercy of their intuitive, ignorant understanding of the world, if it doesn't have two hands, two eyes, and look familiar, it "must not be human life." This is the result of an undeveloped, ignorant mind incapable of grasping or visualizing anything beyond the most simplistic concepts. We are still struggling to move past racism based on the same sort of elementary superficial prejudice and so it is no surprise that the basic idea of humanity itself has been reduced to such ignorant superficiality.


One may attempt to argue ethically or morally that killing a human life in utero has beneficial social implications, but one cannot argue they are not killing a human life. At the end of the day, the "pro-choice" argument is just as irrational, superficial, arbitrary, and baseless as they claim religiously motivated "pro-life" arguments are. In the case of abortion, science sides with the religiously motivated, even if they themselves don't realize it or are unable to wrap their minds around this convenient fact. Capitalizing on the science behind abortion not only ends this non-debate, it forces both "pro-choicers" to defend their arbitrary belief system against hard science, while it gives rational grounding to the beliefs of many in the "pro-life" camp.

Science, as it turns out, has a tendency to side with the more universally common aspects of most religions, because religion itself is based on recorded observations of human sociology, even human sociobiology, over thousands of years. As a social species, we have developed sociobiological tendencies that are conducive to cooperation, empathy, and social harmony. It was the key to our success as a species just as sociobiological tendencies have been the key to the success of wolves, lions, apes, and other social species. This is what has become our "morality," and again, giving it a scientific context eliminates the circular discussions and the rampant nihilism that is consuming and impeding our success as a species today.

The wanton dehumanization of our unborn is not conducive to cooperation, empathy, or social harmony. It invites irrational justifications to commit harm to our own species, specifically to members of our species we deem as "undesirable." This slippery slope has been fallen down before, and one should need not be reminded the final results.

The slippery slope of justifying the dehumanization and
riddance of those we deem "undesirable" ends here.

While surely an unexpectant mother is inconvenienced, her social viability itself potentially put at jeopardy, with her ability to properly raise the child even if she wanted to in question, justifying the killing of human beings, through a campaign of superficial, unscientific dehumanization is not the answer. If there are trillions to give to degenerate, speculating bankers, and trillions more to feed corporate wars, then there is also money to develop the technology to take unwanted children off the hands of those who don't want them, and into the hands of those that will raise them - giving them, as we have been given, a chance to learn, explore, and experience the trials of life for all its ups and downs. Surely of all the inalienable human rights we supposedly have, this is the most basic.

Note: Abortion is illegal in Thailand, where the Land Destroyer Report is based in. There are many orphanages and if you are ever in the area, you are more than welcome to assist us in supporting local orphans.

Most Jews Are Not Semite

By Marek Glogoczowski

Zionist organisations are becoming increasingly dependent upon the charge of "anti-Semitism" as a political weapon. Anti-Semitism has a very precise definition. It refers to remarks or acts targeting the ethnic group termed Semites, which comprises both Jews and Arabs. The Hebrew Encyclopedia defines anti- Semitism as all manifestations of hatred and racism directed against Semites. The Fact is that anti-Semitism also comprises all manifestations of hatred and racism directed against all Arabs. Zionist media and political forces have warped this definition in several ways.
They have manipulated the concept of Semitic ethnicity so as to apply to Jews alone, thereby enabling them to level the allegation of anti-Semitism against the Arabs in spite of the fact that they constitute the majority of the Semitic peoples.
In addition, they have stretched the definition of anti-Semitism to include any criticism of Israel and Israeli policy. Now anyone who speaks out against the aggression and inhumane practices practiced by Israel risks being branded "anti-Semitic". Thus the label "anti-Semitic" has acquired enormous deterrent power and is used regually by Zionists.
Now confident in having monopolised the field as Semites, so as to hurl "anti-Semite" at all and sundry who criticise Israel, Zionist leaders can spews the most atrocious racist abuse against others. It's the pot calling the kettle black.
"Jews" have no blood-link to the Israelites of the Bible.
Jewish historian scholars have established that at least 90% of all Jews come from a Turkish-Mongol mix of people and are largely sourced from the Khazar Kingdom. These "Jews" have no blood-link to the Israelites of the Bible.
The Jewish scholar Arthur Koestler provided overwhelming evidence, for the above in his famous 1976 work, "THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE - THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE" showing, "that in the 8th century, Khazaria which was greatly made-up of the Turkish-Mongol mixed people known as Khazars, converted to their national religion of Judaism which was based on the Babylonian Talmud.
These same people then migrated to eastern Europe, especially to Hungary and Poland, taking their Babylonian religion with them. "The Khazar origin of the numerically and socially dominant element in the Jewish population of Hungary during the Middle Ages is thus relatively well documented." Page 144. "As already mentioned, the trade in fox and sable furs, which had been flourishing in Khazaria, became another virtual Jewish monopoly in Poland. (Page 157 )
Benjamin Freedman, another Jewish researcher, wrote his famous treatise FACTS ARE FACTS in 1954. Freedman quotes from many historical sources and shows that the vast majority of Jews derive from the Turkish-Mongol mixed people of the Khazar Kingdom of the 2nd to 10th centuries, NOT from Biblical Israelite stock.
The facts are so clear as to the non-Israelite, racially-mixed origin of the modern day, Jews that the following appeared as a subheading to Freedman's book. "The historic facts revealed here for the first time provide incontestable evidence that their continued suppression will prove inimical to the security of the nation, the peace of the world, the welfare of humanity, and the progress of civilisation."
Indeed, those words have proven to be quite prophetic as we witness the increasing terrorism and violence sparked by the continued blind of Zionist christians and U.S. unilateral aid to the Khazarian-Israelis.
Relatively recent genetic studies corroborate the historical facts that the Jews are of partly Turkish origin. An article a out of the "Ha'Aretz" Jewish newspaper form Nov. 22, 2001 was entitled, "Study finds close genetic connection between Jews, Kurds." The article opened, by saying, "The people closest to the Jews from a genetic point of view may be the Kurds, according to results of a new study at, the Hebrew University.
Scientists who participated in the research said findings seem to indicate both peoples had common ancestors who lived in the northern half of the Fertile Crescent, where Northern Iraq and Turkey are today. Some of them, it assumed, wandered south and settled on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean." (Abraham) The article goes on to state, "The study's findings are published in the current issue of The American Journal of Human Genetics.
The researcher's used the DNA of 1,847 Jewish men of Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Kurdish descent, Muslims and Christians of Kurdish, Turkish and Armenian descent, various Arab populations, & Russians, Poles and residents of belarus." Additionally, it has been known for many years that a large proportion of Jews have oriental admixture in their ancestry. So Mongol infusion is also a probable part of their mixed heritage

Icelandic people tell UK UP YOURS over banking compensation (10Apr11)

Saturday, April 9, 2011



Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine - Stalin's Brother-In-Law

Lazar Kaganovich: Stalin's Mass Murderer
American Times Today

Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (Kogan), of Jewish descent, was born in Kubany, near Kiev, Ukraine, in 1893. In 1911 he joined the Jewish-founded Communist Party and became involved with the Bolsheviks (Lower East Side New York Jews). Kaganovich took an active part in the 1917 takeover of Christian Russia by Communism and rose rapidly in the Party hierarchy.

From 1925 to 1928, he was first secretary of the party organization in Ukraine and by 1930 was a full member of the Politburo.

Kaganovich was one of a small group of Stalin's top sadists pushing for very high rates of collectivization after 1929. He became Stalin's butcher of Christian Russians during the late 1920s and early 1930s when the Kremlin (jews) launched its war against the kulaks (small landowners who were Christians) and implemented a ruthless policy of land collectivization. The resulting state-organized forced famine, was a planned genocide and killed 7,000,000 Ukrainians between 1932 and 1933, and inflicted enormous suffering on the Soviet Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan.

Josef Stalin (Dzhugashvili) altered census figures to hide the millions of famine deaths when the Ukraine and northern Caucasus region had an extremely poor harvest in 1932, just as Stalin was demanding heavy requisitions of grain to sell abroad to finance his industrialization program which was on top of enforced collective farming of 1929. Stalin is conservatively estimated to have been responsible for the murder and/or starvation of 40,000,000 Russians and Ukrainians during his reign of terror, while the total deaths resulting from the de-kulaklization and famine, by way of Kaganovich, can be conservatively estimated at about 14,500,000.

On any analysis, Kaganovich, was one of the worst mass murderers in history, and little wonder that during World War II large numbers of Ukrainians greeted the Germans as liberators, with many joining the Waffen-SS to keep Communism from enslaving all of Europe.

Gerald Celente Loses It - When This Man Acts Like This It Means - WAKE U...

DRM Radio

Last nights DRM Radio broadcast has been uploaded onto our website at


Friday, April 8, 2011

The Kinsey Syndrome - Father of the Sexual Revolution Examined

Big Brother Keeping It's Sheeple In A Constant State Of Fear And Anxiety.

US terrorist attack warnings to be made on Twitter and Facebook

Alert system implemented after 9/11 to be scrapped with warnings now having two levels – elevated and imminent

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Enough Is Enough. Man Up And Join The Democratic Right Movement And Lets Kick These Jew Banksters Into The Irish Sea Where They Belong..

Former IMF director says Ireland will need another bailout in 2013

THE FORMER DEPUTY Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that Ireland will need a second bailout package as soon as 2013 when the current rescue deal runs out.
Donal Donovan has predicted that the country will need assistance until 2015 even though the current EU/IMF deal runs out in 2013, The Guardian reports.
Just six months ago Ireland agreed an €85 billion bailout deal with the EU and IMF but Donovan, who worked for the IMF for 28 years retiring as deputy director, told a Business for Ireland conference in London that the country would need further help.
He said it was unlikely that the markets would be willing to lend to Ireland again at a reasonable interest rate until way beyond 2015:

We need money and one way could be to have a new European stability mechanism or even IMF facility at a lower scale [in 2013].
This would allow the refinancing of the obligations falling due and keep that going for another couple of years until perhaps then we come to the market.

And Jews Wonder Why People Are Sick To Their Teeth Listening To Their Perpetual Whining Over The Holohoax

Pathetic Jews!!!!

An Austrian baker could be sent to jail for making a cake decorated with swastikas and other Nazi symbols. 
Manfred Klaschka, owner of the bakery in Maria Enzersdorf, near Vienna, made the £80 cake for a customer several years ago.
However photos of the cake, which was also decorated with an arm performing a Hitler salute, can still be seen in a binder for customers showcasing the shop's previously-baked goods.
The baker may face jail after the Mauthausen Committee, a holocaust awareness group, asked Austrian prosecutors to press charges against the pastry shop. Austrian law prohibits propaganda that glorifies Nazi or World War Two symbols.
A spokesman for the public prosecutor's office has confirmed that the group had pressed charges but said it was too early to comment.
Klaschka tried to distance himself from scandal, telling Austrian TV (via Associated Press): "If it's requested, it's made. I don't want to be pulled into this because I'm a confectioner, and there's nothing more to it."