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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Europe in 2029

Roma Parasites At It Again.

Immigration officer comes home to find family of Romanian gypsies squatting in her house, wearing her clothes and drinking her wine (after telling neighbours she'd died)

By Inderdeep Bains and Simon Neville

Last updated at 3:51 PM on 17th August 2011

An immigration officer returned home to find gipsies had moved in, ransacked the place and dressed in her clothes.
Julia High was even offered a glass of her own wine by the Romanian squatters.
They claimed they had rented the property from her ‘son’ because she had died, and produced a set of fake documents. Miss High, 55, has no son.
Chaos: Julia High was left shocked when she found the gypsies living in her home in Leytonstone, east London
Chaos: Julia High was left shocked when she found the gypsies living in her home in Leytonstone, east London

The home was occupied by the squatters after Miss High went to visit her parents for the weekend
Fake: The Romanians claimed there was a tenancy agreement between Miss High's son and them for the home, which she has owned for 30 years
The family of five adults and three children had ripped up carpets, emptied the fridge and dumped her belongings in bin bags in the garden of her £270,000 home.
They left water damage to the kitchen and bathroom, while a computer and digital cameras were missing. Only her beds and wardrobes were left intact. And once evicted, they squatted in another home two streets away.
Miss High, who works for the UK Border Agency, had spent a weekend visiting her parents and on the Monday evening went to see the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall before returning to the terraced home in Leytonstone, east London, which she has owned for 30 years.
Lies: Ms High's neighbours said the family told them she had died and they were renting the property from her son
Lies: Ms High's neighbours said the family told them she had died and they were renting the property from her son
Lies: Ms High's neighbours said the family told them she had died and they were renting the property from her son
New home: The Romanian family were found at another house not far from where Ms High's home was trashed
New home: The Romanian family were found at another house not far from where Ms High's home was trashed
She said: ‘The women came to the door dressed in my clothes, they were sitting around my dining room table, drinking my wine out of my glasses. They even offered me a drink and told me they were from Romania. They said I was dead and my son had rented the house to them. I am very much alive, single and I don’t have a son.’
She secured a county court eviction order the next day and police removed the family. But she has been forced to stay with friends during repairs, and fears it will be weeks before she can return.
She said: ‘These people have just trashed 30 years of my life and thrown it into bin bags. It is soul-destroying.’
Dumped: This carpet was ripped out of Miss High's home and put in the back garden. It covers bags of her belongings that were also dumped in the garden
Dumped: This carpet was ripped out of Miss High's home and put in the back garden. It covers bags of her belongings that were also dumped in the garden
Yesterday the Daily Mail found the family in a four-bedroom house two streets away, owned by a doctor who bought it in March but delayed moving in to carry out repairs.
When approached for a comment, the family spat and swore. One woman

Read more:

The Lefts Destruction Of Hungary Exposed.

  The Goulash Archipelago

EU Remains Silent as Hungary Veers Off Course

By Walter Mayr
Photo Gallery
Supporters of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán say he has a strict leadership style, while critics warn of the threat of forced political conformity, Jew-baiting and labor camps. Meanwhile, the European Union is saying nothing, apparently accepting the fact that a member state is getting out of control.
They set out at seven in the morning, carrying spades, axes and scythes, and climb one of the hills above Gyöngyöspata, a wine-growing village in northern Hungary: Forty gypsies and their supervisor.

This group of dark-skinned men and women, consisting of old and young people, teenagers and widows, represents the advance guard of a massive undertaking currently underway in Hungary. Under Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's plan to promote national renewal and moral rearmament, more than half of all the unemployed nationwide are to be put back to work. The 40 gypsies from Gyöngyöspata, who don't even use the more acceptable term Roma to describe themselves, have been assigned the job of clearing hibiscus bushes and undergrowth for four months. They are among 300,000 Hungarians who will soon be performing "community" work under a new law, which dictates that anyone who is out of work for more than 90 days in a row forfeits the right to social welfare and membership in the social insurance system.
Are "forced labor camps" being created here, in the middle of the European Union, as the Hungarian daily newspaper Népszava wrote? Are unemployed people from remote villages being housed in worker camps on large construction sites? No one has to work against his will, but everyone who does show up for work is paid the legal minimum wage, says Karoly Papp, the state secretary in the Interior Ministry in charge of the program.
The government is still searching for projects to put the army of the unemployed back to work, at a monthly wage of roughly €290 ($418). There is talk of building dikes, planting trees and collecting herbs. The crew in Gyöngyöspata is "de-bushing" 16 hectares (40 acres) of overgrown community land to make way for the planting of "real Hungarian oaks," as the local mayor, a member of the radical right-wing Jobbik Party, puts it.
He is happy to have any work at all, because he needs the money, says a 59-year-old man named Pál, as he swings a scythe up on the hill. As a skilled forest worker, he adds, he also knows that it will take at least 80 years to grow a real oak forest. But the fruits of the hibiscus plant, the roots of which the crew is in the process of pulling out of the ground and chopping to pieces, could already fetch €0.50 per kilogram today -- if they were harvested.
A Top-Down Coup D'Etat
The things Prime Minister Orbán and his friends in the Fidesz Party are prescribing don't always make sense. However, there is no mistaking that they are in a hurry. The package of laws, ordinances and guidelines to define labor policies, which Orbán got off the ground in only 15 months, reads like the minutes of a top-down coup d'etat.
Orbán's concept of moral renewal and economic rehabilitation for Hungary has several tenets: Those without work are to be given work; those who are already working should work more in the future, but without being paid more; in the interest of the country's "stability," those who hold political power today should be allowed to remain in office for as long as possible; and those who once had power and did not use it for the benefit of the people should now be punished.
Péter Medgyessy, Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai, the three Social Democratic prime ministers of the last decade, all face the threat of being put on trial. There has been little public outcry, partly because many voters believe that they were lied to and robbed by the "leftists." A speech that Gyurcsány gave in 2006, which was later released to the press, and in which he confessed to have not been telling the electorate the truth about the tense economic situation, as well as dubious real estate deals and the fact that a national bankruptcy was only averted with the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union, weigh heavily on the legacy of the former socialist governing party.

Prosecutors are even looking into whether they can charge the former premiers with the "political crime" of incurring government debt, which is not considered a statutory offence today. Orbán and his party are fighting untiringly on this and other fronts. They seek to justify their mission to radically restructure the state with what they call a revolution in the voting booths: In April 2010, the Fidesz Party and its ally, the Christian Democratic People's Party (KDNP), won more than two-thirds of the seats in parliament.,1518,780794,00.html

Pavee Point More Concerned About Roma Leeches Than The Irish Traveller Community Whom They Are Supposed To Represent.

                           Roma Doing What They Do Best. TAKING What Doesn't Belong To Them.

Last night’s TV: Bogus Beggars

By Diarmuid Doyle
Tuesday August 16 2011
Ireland’s Bogus Beggars (TV3) is as bogus a title to a programme as Irish television has ever come up with. A months-long investigation into organised begging in Ireland, it focused on the Roma community, which it seemed determined to prove was at the centre of a massive scam involving international crime rings making a fortune off the back of innocent Irish do-gooders.
In the end, reporter Paul Connolly had to hold his hands up and agree that there was nothing there – no gang, no Mr Big at the head of it and no huge money to be made from begging in Ireland. Instead he found a world of “extreme poverty, desperation and a community struggling to survive”.
Sometimes, even when you’ve put months of work and no little resources into an investigation, there’s still no story. In those circumstances, you don’t do the story. But someone in TV3, much higher up than Paul Connolly, seems to have decided that one way or another they would get an hour of television from his work.
The result was an embarrassing shambles, which shames TV3. It promoted the programme on the basis that it was an expose of organised begging in Ireland even though it knew it wasn’t.
“TV3 Infiltrates The Sinister World Of Organised Begging in ‘Ireland’s Bogus Beggars,’” said a press release accompanying the preview dvd, a claim in direct contradiction of what the programme revealed and one which will surely lead to letters to the broadcasting complaints people.
Connolly did his best, but his original sources about gave him a bum steer. All he found was that some Roma do beg in an aggressive manner (which is against the law), but two minutes on O’Connell St would have shown that. Some Irish people beg in an aggressive manner, too. It’s hardly investigative journalism.
Where the programme really scraped the bottom of the barrel was in its interviews with members of hard-right, anti-immigrant groups – our equivalent of the British National Party - who described the Roma as “leeches” who had nothing to contribute to Irish society and who should be deported, every last one of them.
The initial editorial decision to involve these people in the documentary was bizarre, but to include what they had to say even after the investigation had established that there was no Roma crime ring, no organised begging and no huge profits being made by the beggars, was unforgiveable. To say the programme was disappointing would be an understatement. It was a disgrace.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

91 year old WW2 Vet beaten by black man


"Attacking the messenger (distraction) - The purpose of these insults is to distract observers from the topic being discussed and to try to prevent them from thinking critically about it or to try to cause them to lose interest in it.

Insulting intelligence or ideas (deflection) - This can be either an attack on the messenger or an attack on the ideas themselves by trying to make them appear stupid, unpopular, foolish, crazy, insane, etc. The purpose of these insults and belittling comments is to make observers think that the topic is unworthy of their consideration or investigation.

Negative association (deflection) - This tactic attempts to link one topic to another unrelated topic that sounds crazy or stupid to most people, like aliens, UFOs, shape-shifting lizards, etc. The idea is to get the observer to think that people who believe in one topic also believe in another crazy topic and to conclude that the topic in question is unworthy of their consideration or investigation.

Divide and conquer (distraction) - With this tactic they pretend to be one of their enemies, and then they proceed to say hateful, disgusting or inflammatory things to get people to attack the group they are pretending to be. They also do this to make their enemies look evil or stupid in the eyes of the other group.

Controlled dissent (deception) - With this tactic they pretend that they agree on most topics and even promote the topics they pretend to agree on, but they will defend the Jewish version of the topic they want to discourage investigation on, or they will use one of the other forms of Jewish psychological warfare tactics to discourage investigation of a new topic, for example attacking the messenger, insulting intelligence or ideas, negative association, divide and conquer, etc.

Role modeling (deception) - With this tactic they try to get the observer to think that reacting a certain way is normal or desirable. For example they will pretend not to be interested in a topic, that the topic or activity isn't worth their time, that they are afraid to do something or concerned about the consequences. In short, they will pretend to react how they want the observer to react to try to ensure that the observer does not take the appropriate action or react in the appropriate manner.

Behavioral projection (deception) - With this tactic they project their own behavior onto the person they are attacking or onto another group that they wish for the observers to attack. For example they may claim (while posing as a White Nationalist behind an anonymous account) that Muslims would infiltrate a White Nationalist website and pose as White Nationalists to blame Jews for things they didn't do, when in fact it is the Jews that have infiltrated the White Nationalist website and are posing as White Nationalists to blame Muslims for things they didn't do (like 9/11) and to encourage White Nationalists to hate Muslims so that White Nationalists will never think to unite with Muslims to defeat the Jews.

Reverse projection / playing the victim (deception) - With this tactic they project a horrible circumstance onto themselves while actually creating a horrible circumstance for their victim. By pretending to be the victim of a horrible situation while attacking their victim they either catch their victim off guard so the victim doesn't realize they are being attacked until it's too late, or they catch observers off guard so observers don't realize who the real attacker is and defend the real victim."

It's valuable for us to be aware of these psy-op tactics and recognize when they are being used against us in debate forums or comment sections. Once the hasbarats know that you're onto them and we point out exactly what they're doing to other readers, they will scatter like cock roaches exposed to light(though not before degenerating their "argument" into a barrage of vulgarity and baseless personal attacks).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Jewish Stake in Third World Immigration - Dr. William Pierce

East European Scum Nabbed In Human Trafficking Probe.

Four held in Belfast human trafficking probe

Updated: 16:52, Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Three men and a woman have been arrested in Belfast in connection with alleged human trafficking offences.
1 of 1 Six victims are believed to have been rescued
Six victims are believed to have been rescued
Three men and a woman have been arrested in Belfast in connection with alleged human trafficking and vice offences.
PSNI detectives also believe six victims of human trafficking were saved in the operation, which was centred in Belfast but stretched across Europe.
Two men - aged 29 and 22 - were arrested in apartments in the King Street area, while a 24-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman were arrested in Cavendish Street, off the Falls Road in west Belfast.
Meanwhile, two women, aged in their 20s, were rescued today from the apartment block in King Street and a property in College Park North.
The two have been taken to the CARE suite at Garnerville where they will be given specialist support and offered the services provided by the UK Human Trafficking Centre.
Four other women were rescued over the past number of weeks during the PSNI investigation, which has been running for three months. They were all eastern European.
The four suspects have been taken to police stations in Belfast for questioning.
Three suspects are eastern European, while a fourth is from Northern Ireland

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Democratic Right Movement, Leinster Branch Nationalist Gathering. (2)

A group of us from the DRM Leinster branch held a Gathering last Saturday, we were honoured to have a guest from the Greek nationalist movement (Golden Dawn) present.
A great day was had by all

Democratic Right Movement, Leinster Branch Nationalist Gathering. (1)

A group of us from the DRM Leinster branch held a Gathering last Saturday, we were honoured to have a guest from the Greek nationalist movement (Golden Dawn) present.
A great day was had by all.

Hail Greece, Hail Golden Dawn.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Indo Newspaper. DRM.

In the meantime he talked to a guy from the Irish Solidarity Party, who fumed at the "welfare wonderland" these Romas were enjoying, and to a geezer from the Democratic Right Movement, who wanted "to deport every single one of them", but Paul hadn't forgotten the Romas themselves, who were "squarely in the crosshairs of my investigation".

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gypsy attack in Budapest, Hungary, 24th of July, 2009

Ireland's Bogus Beggers

060: DRM Broadcast of the 16th August 2011

Teen suicide almost doubled in one decade

The Irish Times - Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Research finds two children a month are taking their lives, writes JOANNE HUNT 

SUICIDE AMONG Irish children has almost doubled in a decade, a new survey has found.

The Suicide in Ireland survey, conducted by UCD professor of psychiatry Kevin Malone, included speaking to the families of 83 people aged under 35 who died by suicide, 14 of whom were children younger than 18.
Prof Malone reviewed CSO data comparing the years 1993-1998 and 2003-2008 to reveal the dramatic rise in suicides among children over the decade.
“The data shows there was a 40 per cent increase in the rate of suicide in 15- to 17-year-old boys and the rate has doubled in girls aged under 18,” he said. In terms of the rate per 100,000, Prof Malone said there was an increase from 9.3 boys aged 15-17 annually in the 1990s to 13.5 boys a decade later.
With regard to girls under 18, he said there was an increase from 2.6 girls in the 1990s to 5.1 girls annually a decade later, and he described the figures for girls as “conservative”.
The rate of suicide among children under 15 has also doubled, he found.
“You’re talking about almost two children a month taking their lives in Ireland,” said Prof Malone. He said of those children who had contact with mental health services, “their mental-health issues were being shoehorned into an adult service environment”.
From interviews with families of children with no history of mental illness, he says, “all of them had experienced some type of significant humiliation in the six months prior to their death – either being bullied by a peer, an authority figure or being exposed to some kind of significant personal assault.”
With one in five of the children having reported some form of bullying, he said “there was an over-representation of people who have been bullied”.
Of those suffering personal assault, he says it was often a robbery of a mobile phone or passport – “something that strips their identity or humiliates them in some way”.
Prof Malone added that almost half of the children who died had been exposed to one or more peer suicides in the previous six months. “Two of them were part of one cluster, but otherwise they were all part of separate clusters.”
With a minority of the children having “a definable mental illness”, he said the problem of child suicide was not just one for the Department of Health but for society as a whole.
“Ireland has the largest cohort of under-18s in the EU, so this whole group is moving over the next decade through a period where we have an increased risk of suicide. That makes it all the more urgent that we address it.”

The Herald Newspaper, Throwing Compliments Our Way. THANKS Lads.

"I found nothing to suggest these people worked for anyone but themselves and their families," "concluded our dejected newshound. I'd be happy to give poor Paul an extra star for perseverance, were it not for the fact that Ireland's Bogus Beggars shamefully gave a platform to far-right racist whack jobs Ted Neville, of the Irish Solidarity Party, and Michael Quinn, of the Democratic Right Movement, both of whom advocate the round-them-up and ship-them-out policy, and not just for the Roma.
The country is in enough trouble as it is without giving a voice on national TV to a couple of rabble-rousing, neo-Nazi goons.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Seems the Loony Left Have FAILED In Their Massive Campaign to Intimidate TV3 from Airing Their Upcoming Documentary Mon 15TH Aug

No Platform for Racists on TV3

43 minutes ago · · Comment
Oisín Ó Dubhláin
Dear Mr Ó Dubhláin,
Thank you for your correspondence regarding Fiddling the System: Ireland's Bogus Beggars. We have investigated your complaint regarding the content of the promotion in question and the programme to which it refers.

We have reviewed the programme and we believe that the programme itself is fair and balanced. We are aware of the reputation of the individuals about whom you are comp...laining and would like to confirm that they are not afforded a platform to promote their agenda in an unchallenged manner. In fact, their views are challenged robustly by our journalist. The programme also contains frank interviews with members of the Roma community to allow them an opportunity to dispel the myths that surround their culture and way of life.
See more

    • Oisín Ó Dubhláin We can assure you that TV3's coverage of this issue, in both the programme and the promotional trailer, will be in compliance with law and internationally accepted standards. However, the promotional trailer will be reviewed and any changes we believe to be necessary will be made.

      This programme is an impartial investigation into begging by some members of the Roma community in Ireland.


      TV3 Complaints
      43 minutes ago

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DRM, Metro Eireann Interview.

Norway tragedy ‘a wake-up call’ for all Europe

Last update - Monday, August 1, 2011, 12:02 By Catherine Reilly
Irish are ‘letting ourselves off the hook’ over right-wing extremism AN IRISH anti-racism organisation has warned political leaders “not to assume” the atrocities in Norway cannot happen here.
Catherine Lynch, co-ordinator of the Irish Network Against Racism (formerly ENAR Ireland), said European political leaders needs to consider the attacks in Norway – which appear to have been fuelled by racist and anti-Islam ideology – as “an urgent wake-up call”, and noted that the tragic events in Oslo show how “extremism can impact on the whole community”.
Reported racist crime in Ireland has been decreasing in recent times – from 214 in 2007 to 122 last year – but Lynch said there is a “clear sense” on the ground that racism is actually increasing, with an apparent “growing tolerance for and acceptance of racism”.
The Irish Network Against Racism is renewing its call for the introduction of aggravated sentencing, which would require increased sentencing where there has been a racist motivation. It is also calling for tougher measures to combat internet racism.
“The 1989 [Incitement to Hatred] Act has long been under review,” said Lynch. “We now need to see results including assurances that racism on the internet shall be explicitly covered within the scope of the legislation.”
She said a suggestion that right-wing extremism is not a concern in Ireland is “letting ourselves off the hook”.
Indeed, in recent months a group called Democratic Right Movement (DRM) Ireland – a self-described “white, nationalist political movement” – has been developing a street presence in Dublin to complement its website, where it propagates its extremist views.
Founder Michael Quinn told Metro Éireann that the group “definitely wouldn’t support” the actions of xenophobe Anders Behring Breivik, whose killing spree claimed at least 76 lives on 22 July – including many young people at a Labour Party youth camp on the island of Utoeya, near Oslo – although their views mirror some of those in Breivik’s diaries and ‘manifesto’ discovered in the wake of the tragedy.
“I don’t condone him going and slaughtering children,” said Quinn, who nevertheless indicated that politicians were ‘fair game’.,2861

Greek Nationalists Taking Back Their Homeland.

Greek Nationalists Taking Back Their Homeland.

Rise up Autonomous Nationalists

Ireland will not Surrender (Saga: Patriots Call - For Ireland)

Friday, August 5, 2011


Labour25 the official video of the Labour Party Beasts

Jew Media Using White Children As Eye Candy For Their Paedophile Buddies

Parent’s fury at 10-year-old ‘supermodel’

Supermodel Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau’s appearance in an edition of Vogue Paris has prompted fury from parents... because she’s only 10-years-old.

Thylane Lena-Rose Blandeau in the Vogue Paris fashion editorial. Sharif Hamza for French Vogue.
Thylane Lena-Rose Blandeau in the Vogue Paris fashion editorial. Sharif Hamza for French Vogue.

The mini-model was featured in the January 2011 issue – as part of a 15-page picture spread called ‘Cadeaux’ (gifts). It included shots of a heavily made-up Thylane posing seductively in a chair, bed and on an animal skin rug, with her legs and neckline bared.

The controversial pics were shown on US TV this month and reignited concern over the sexualisation of children in the media.

The debate comes as the Government announced a crackdown on inappropriate clothing and raunchy ads aimed at young kids earlier this year.

The images that have upset parents and Mother's Union organisation. Photo: Sharif Hamza for French Vogue.
The images that have upset parents and Mother's Union organisation. Photo: Sharif Hamza for French Vogue.

They commissioned the Bailey Review to investigate enforcing restrictions on the sexualisation of children in the media and sexual content in advertising.

Reg Bailey, Chief Executive of the Mother’s Union is in charge of the independent review.

Fleur Dorrell, Head of Safe Policy at the Mother’s Union, told Yahoo! UK that these images were “blurring all thoughts of beauty” and were “physically disturbing” for adults.

She added: “Modelling agencies think that it is ok to use pre-pubescent girls as models but this is completely selling us a different idea of beauty. They are making this girl look and feel as though she has to dress this way in order to be perfect.”

“If you think about it in reverse they wouldn’t ask me, a 43-year-old woman to dress like a girl, so why would they want to dress her up like that?”

Thylane wearing heavy make-up, is this too grown up? Photo: Sharif Hamza for French Vogue.
Thylane wearing heavy make-up, is this too grown up? Photo: Sharif Hamza for French Vogue.

Despite concern over the images of Thylane, there is huge fan support for model, with a blog and several Facebook fan pages dedicated to her work.

On one fan page a woman wrote: “I don't find this unusual, she is super it’s French Vogue!!! FRENCH. VOGUE. Totally ok.”

Another fan added: “I am frustrated with all the people who deem this as sensual... Art is totally subjective and depends on the individual viewing it.”

The Mother’s Union and David Cameron have invited the fashion and advertising industries to reassess the representation of young people under the age of 16 at a summit in October.

BetamaxLives03 Death Threat Received